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Zantrex 3 Reviews

Is there too much caffeine in this weight loss pill?

Our Zantrex 3 reviews confirm what many dieters have been saying all along: there is no miracle in the Zantrex 3 bottle. While this popular weight loss supplement may provide the edge needed by dieters, it certainly does not live up to its claims of easy and safe weight loss.

With seemingly more natural ingredients than the infamous (and now defunct) ephedra-based supplements, Zantrex diet pills are supposed to offer a safer alternative to fast weight loss. However, not all natural ingredients are created equal...or are they? The "official ingredient list" includes: yerba mate, caffeine, guarana, damiana, schizonepeta, green tea, piper nigum, Tibetan and panax ginseng, maca root, cocoa nut, kola nut and thea sinensis.

Ingredients such as green tea and Tibetan ginseng seem innocent and healthy enough. Yet, when yerba mate and guarana seed (both laced with caffeine) join the main ingredient (caffeine!), they create a diet cocktail that contains as much caffeine as 3-4 cups of coffee!

Our Zantrex 3 reviews also revealed some outrageous claims. Klein Becker (the manufacturer) proclaims their product to be 546% more effective than even the best fat burners Ð without the supposed "dangers" of ephedra-based supplements, with no referened study to support this statement.

In fact, testimonials on Zantrex 3 from disgruntled and less-than-impressed users can be found across the Internet, citing problems from violent reactions to the high caffeine levels to poor weight-loss results.

Zantrex 3 Diet Pills - Are they the right choice?

In addition to lack of significant results, some users have reported nausea, insomnia, anxiety, headaches and palpitations, most likely from the caffeine wallop it packs.

Although it does contain some decent ingredients, the excessive caffeine content is reason enough to opt for an alternative diet supplement. A look at the other ingredients reveal extracts that can boost energy (ginseng) and perhaps enhance your libido (damiana), but as far as the ingredients that can actually help you shed pounds, our Zantrex 3 reviews show it is mostly the high caffeine content.

Is there a better alternative to Zantrex 3?

After extensively reviewing this diet supplement, and reading dozens of consumer testimonials on Zantrex 3, we have determined that you are probably better off with another weight loss supplement if you're looking to shed a few excess pounds.

Of course, the first step towards losing and maintaining weight is a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen. If you're looking for a little help to achieve your goals, you should look for a high quality supplement with proven ingredients, one that can help increase metabolism and decrease fat deposits, without the caffeine overload that can make you jittery and cause other health problems.

We have experienced tremendous success with Hoodia Gordonii Plus, which is a natural diet supplement that can help you lose weight safely and effectively. The main ingredient is hoodia, which has been clinically shown to help naturally curb the appetite, without side effects of Zantrex diet pills.

Our Zantrex 3 reviews show that its high caffeine content could cause problems for many dieters, so we don't believe it is the best choice for weight loss. If you have tried this supplement in the past, or are currently taking it, we'd love to read your testimonials on Zantrex 3. Just drop us a line and let us know what you've experienced.

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