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Weslo Treadmills Review

Bargain-priced exercisers offer a subpar workout

Weslo treadmills, available at a variety of large discount retailers - as well as direct from Weslo online - is marketed by one of the most prolific manufacturers of exercise equipment in the world. With manufacturing centers in the United States, Canada, and China, the Weslo Cadence treadmill is a mass-produced piece of exercise equipment priced for the masses.

But does quantity equal quality? How do Weslo treadmills measure up in the ballooning - and often pricy - treadmill industry? Let's take a closer look:

Even those new to treadmill use will notice the narrow width of the belt. Starting at only 13 inches on the cheapest Weslo treadmill model and maxing out at only 18 inches on the most expensive offering, runners and walkers don't get room to do much more than shuffle on this cramped belt.

Are you looking to run or jog your way to physical fitness? Don't expect the motor to be much more promising than the belt. The highest horsepower offered on Weslo Cadence treadmills is 2.5. While this is a respectable number, remember that the better-built treadmills start at 2.5 horsepower.

If you are of a heavier weight or plan on using your treadmill for prolonged sessions, this is not the treadmill series for you. Not only will you strain the small motor, but you may strain your feet as well. While almost all of the Weslo treadmills tout some sort of cushioning or shock absorption material, they lack the comfort level of many of their competitors. What you save on treadmill dollars, you'll easily spend on cushioned shoe inserts!

Want to adjust your incline? Only the Weslo Cadence C72 treadmill offers power incline adjustment. If you purchase any other treadmill, plan on manually adjusting your incline, rather than just pushing a button.

If you need to monitor your heartbeat during exercise, only the C72 and the C44 offer heart rate monitors. On any other of the Weslo treadmills, you'll need to purchase a heart rate monitor separately to keep track of your exertion level. About the only standard feature you'll find on the Weslo Cadence treadmill line is a water bottle holder. But then again, that's about all you paid for, isn't it?

The Weslo Cadence treadmill line has a virtually insignificant warranty period of 90 days for parts and labor. When one factors in just how expensive repairs are, Weslo treadmills can quickly lose their appeal. After all, who wants to spend $300 to repair a $199 treadmill? Expect other higher-quality lines to offer warranty periods upwards of one year, guaranteeing that you won't have to spend large amounts of money on unexpected repairs or routine service.

Fitness Events Opinion & Recommendation:

While Weslo treadmills offer a great way for price-conscious consumers to purchase an affordable piece of home exercise equipment, they are truly lacking in the construction and workout quality department. If you plan to use it more than once a month, then you are probably better off with a different model.

A high quality treadmill will easily last you 10, 20, 30 years, perhaps more, so in our opinion it makes sense to buy a quality model, even if it costs a little more. Better treadmills are made with better parts, so they are sturdier and won't break down as easily. Plus, they come with more features and options than Weslo treadmills, allowing you to vary your workout, as well as more extensive warranties and better customer care.

We've reviewed dozens of models on the market, and Weslo ratings are among the lowest.

If you are interested in purchasing a high quality, competitively-priced treadmill take a look at Smooth Treadmills, a line of top-rated, affordable treadmills with outstanding workmanship and excellent customer service.

If you do buy a Weslo machine, or currently own and use one, send us your own Weslo Cadence treadmill review and we'll be sure to add your feedback to our next site update

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