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Weider Home Gym

How do the Weider Cross Bow and Crossbar fare against other home exercise equipment?

Weider home gym equipment consists of various budget-priced weight-based systems as well as the more popular Cross Bow, now called the Crossbar.

The Weider Crossbar is a cable/pulley machine which competes directly with Bowflex, and Total Gym, and is much cheaper than both. So if price is your main concern, the Crossbar is definitely a good starting point.

If you are interested in the weight-stack Weider Home Gym models, i.e. those similar to machines you'd find in the gym, then scroll down for our thoughts and reviews. The next few paragraphs will discuss the Weider Cross Bow and Crossbar machines.

Weider Cross Bow, Weider Crossbar and the New Platinum

There is no replacing a professional gym for a full-body workout, combining free weights with cable machines that work every single muscle in a variety of ways. However, for many people joining a gym is just not an option due to time and budget constraints.

This is where home systems come into play, and the Weider Cross Bow (or Crossbar, depending on where you live) are a popular entry in this category due to their relatively low price. Models range from $400 to $600, which is about the cost of an average yearly gym membership.

The Cross Bow is a system of bending metal rods and comes with 240 lbs. of resistance, and is upgradable to 440 lbs. It uses a patented Compound Resistance System (CRS) for a full range of motion. It includes 2 10-lb bars, 1 20-lb bar, 1 40-lb bar and 2 80-lb bars, a leg extension/curl, a padded bench adjustable to 4 positions, a lat tower, and rowing capability, and offers 65+ exercises.

The new Platinum version allows you to digitally change the weights, as opposed to manually, comes standard with 340 lbs, has pre-programmed weight loss workouts, squat station, and allows for 75+ exercises. Obviously it comes with a higher price tag, $700 up to $1000 for the high end Weider Platinum Crossbar.

Our Recommendation

In our opinion, bending rod machines such as the Wieder Cross Bow and Nautilus' Bowflex don't offer the same high quality workout as weight-based machines, but if space and budget is an issue, they are perfectly fine for the home environment.

The motion of a Weider Cross Bow or Weider Cross Bar apparatus is somewhat awkward, and does not provide the uniform resistance of a weight-stack machine. Sure, the Weider equipment is much cheaper than a weight-stack machine, but you are definitely not sacrificing workout effectiveness.

The Bowflex machines are twice as expensive as the Weiders, so if you're going to spend that kid of money, you should go with a weight-stack machine hands down or a Weider home gym... those are our top recommendations.

If you are interested in our top recommended home gyms from Weider, they do offer some of the best home gyms as well as other exercise products and accessories at the lowest prices.

Weider Home Gym - Weight Stack Machines

For smoother, more effective motions and more productive workouts, you are much better off with a combination of weight-stack machines and dumbbells, like you would find in a gym near you.

However, if your goals are simply to tone up a little and perhaps lose some weight, a Weider home gym or similar multi-station unit is a good choice.

Ranging in price from $200 to $500, these are a good choice for those on a budget. Most models come with an adjustable pulley, chest press, squatter, and leg developer, and have reinforced steel construction. They are compact and can fit in small spaces which is helpful if you don't have much room.

Our Recommendation

For a basic, low-priced machine the Weider home gyms are a viable option, yet we were more impressed with the Body Solid home gyms, which cost a bit more but has received kudos from all of the top consumer publications.

The Body Solid systems have more precise movements, more weight capacity, smoother controls and comfortable motions. Some models have independent arm systems, which is a huge benefit that you will not find on other machines.

If you are interested in our top recommended home gyms from Weider, they do offer some of the best home gyms as well as other exercise products and accessories at the lowest prices.

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