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Trim Spa Reviews

Can this weight loss supplement really help?

Our Trim Spa reviews show that in its original formulation, which included the now banned substance ephedra (ephedrine), it was an effective weight loss aid, or at very least one of the best diet products on the market.

However, since the Trim Spa with ephedra is no longer available, many people want to know if the new version is as effective...Does Trimspa work? Let's find out.

The new version of this popular weight loss pill is called X32, and it contains a new substance called Hoodia Gordonii. However, there is a current lawsuit against the manufacturers, NutrAmerica, which accuses them of misleading their customers with this new ingredient.

Trim Spa reviews reveal that the new X32 version does not actually contain the active ingredient of the Hoodia Gordonii, p57, and therefore is not quite the appetite suppressant it claims to be.

The lawsuit further claims that the ephedra-free product contains no appetite suppressants of this writing it has yet to be settled. Until then if you want an answer to does Trimspa work, we would have to say probably not as well as the original version, if at all.

**2012 TRIMSPA UPDATE** The latest owner of the company, Goen Technologies, filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and sold off all of their holdings. There are still bottles for sale online at places like Amazon, but once supplies run out that will probably be the last of them.

Is there a better alternative to Trimspa for weight loss?

Although there are some effective ingredients in the new X32 version, the current controversy regarding the ephedra replacement, Hoodia, raises some red flags.

We feature many of the other popular weight loss aids on this site, so you might want to read about some of them before making your decision.

If you are looking for an alternative to Trim Spa, try to find one that contains Certified Genuine p57, along with other ingredients that can help you stave off hunger safely and easily.

Please note that if you plan to take any weight loss product, make sure you consult your physician first. Also, to see any substantial results, follow a healthy diet and exercise program. Our Trim Spa reviews reveal that no diet product will work on its have to watch what you eat and incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle.

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