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Total Gym Sport, GTS and Power Tower Review

If you're looking for an extreme workout in a conveniently packaged fitness machine, there is nothing more impressive than the Total Gym professional series of exercising equipment. For around 30 minutes a day without the need to purchase additional accessories and from the comfort of your own home, you can go through an entire strength building routine that challenges all your muscles.

Whether you're new to the entire gym experience or a veteran weightlifter, Total Gym has many different models for all the different goals you have in mind for your body. Endorsed by celebrities like Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley, the system ensures you're getting the most out of your investment by providing all the tools and resistance required for muscle building, stretching, and Pilates.

With over 200 different exercises available on all models of the Total Gym, it is one of the highest rated exercise machines in the world with zero imitators capable of producing the same results. Of course, if you're in the market for a system, it can be a daunting task to find the right one for you. Your concerns are probably based around your goals and budget, two things that can easily balloon out of control if you're not totally informed on various models. With so many different choices available at various prices, we want to help. Read on for our full reviews and comparisons between three of the most popular professional models: the Total Gym Sport, the GTS, and the Power Tower.

Total Gym Sport

The Total Gym Sport is on the lower end of the professional line with hydraulic lift assist for individual use without a spotter and the ability to store upright when not in use. For most first time users who want the complete exercise and muscle building experience without the membership, this is probably the best overall place to start.

The Sport model provides all the basic exercises needed to generate a sweat-inducing workout right from the comfort of your own home. This includes body sculpting through the use of abdominal and back muscles in every exercise routine, endurance and resistance training for improved muscle growth and stability, conditioning for the cardio focused, and complete safety through motion tracked weights and non-slip surfaces. This is perhaps the most user-friendly Total Gym system on the market currently, and it comes with a free DVD for help understanding all the different fitness routines you can do with the Sport model.

Total Gym GTS

For the more adventurous bodybuilder, the Total Gym GTS is all about working multiple muscle groups at once with heavy resistance at all levels. There are more strength focused exercises available on this model, but its native configuration can be changed at any time to modify how its systems are used. This means a workout routine can start off with strength training and end up with Pilates or aerobics because of how the GTS system can change function.

With up to 62% of your body weight as resistance, there's really no way an individual can overcome the basic mechanics behind a Total Gym and you're always going to have a strong challenge. Exclusive to the GTS model, an adjustable glide board grants you optimal spinal alignment while providing countless variations in exercises. There are also lat bars to promote exercises using your arms and the cable-pulley system. Compared to the Sport edition, the GTS is the total gym experience without any comprise in exercise routine.

Total Gym Power Tower

The most versatile Total Gym system designed for high end workout routines, the Power Tower is the complete package for those looking to shape every single muscle on their body with unmatched precision. If you're an athlete who constantly needs to build up stamina for the long duration of games and train for the extreme demands of sports, the Total Gym Power Tower model is rightfully for you.

Unique to this model, it allows for adjustments in weight and resistance while you're working out to provide even more challenge without the need to stop exercising. The adjustable glide board also provides extreme uses for back-related exercises and the different configurations available allow you to change up routines without much effort. Compared to the GTS model, you're looking at a total package for athletes who want to train from home.

So are these professional models worth the money?

Simply put, if you want to work out in your home without having to pay for every single piece of exercise equipment, the Total Gym professional systems are about as good as it gets.

They are certainly a bit pricier than the regular home gyms at around $2500 for the Sport up to $4900 for the Power Tower, but as they say you get what you pay for. These are serious machines for serious workouts that will last forever.

If one of these models appeal to you, your best bet as far as price and customer service will be to go directly to the Total Gym website. That way you can take advantage of special discounts and sales.

For a look at some of the more moderately priced models, which would be ideal for most people who want to work out at home, you can find those Total Gym systems at their official direct site.


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