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Total Gym 1700 Club

How does this model stack up to the other Chuck Norris-pitched home exercise equipment?

The Total Gym 1700 Club is one of the more popular models in the line, due to its low price and widespread availablility. However, for a complete workout, you might be better off with one of the higher-end models.

Available for about $300-$400 at various retailers such as Walmart, Target, Amazon and others, the Total Gym is a relatively compact home gym that allows you to do various resistance exercises. Perhaps you've seen some of the late night commercials featuring martial arts expert Chuck Norris.

Instead of the bending rods found on other home gyms, the Total Gym 1700 Club, made by Fitness Quest, employs a simple cable and pulley system. To exercise you adjust the incline of the sliding bench which changes the resistance (10-50% of bodyweight) and pull on the grips to slide yourself back and forth, or up and down.

This model includes a Pilates bar, dip and press bars, an exercise mat and chart, and the ability to add up to 75 pounds of additional weight. It's relatively easy to use, and provides a full body workout with a variety of exercises.

Total Gym 1700 Reviews - Is This the Model To Choose?

The 1700 is one of the lower end models, and what tends to happen with entry level models is they aren't built to last. The old adage you get what you pay for holds true.

Although they do offer decent workouts, many customers have complained of poor construction and various parts being broken or damaged upon opening the box or after several uses.

Since you will probably have it for many years, we believe you are much better off with one of the higher end Total Gyms models, such as the 2000, 3000 or XLS.

In addition to better construction, you get a wider variety of exercises (up to 80), additional workout videos and higher weight capacities.

Fitness Events Opinion & Recommendation:

After testing dozens of models, we discovered the entry-level Total Gym 1700 Club, although it does offer a decent workout, isn't the ideal choice if you're looking for a high quality, long-lasting home exercise machine.

However, we do like the Total Gym line, preferring models such as the 2000 (which retails for just a few hundred more than the 1700), the 3000 and the high end XLS, which are substantial upgrades over the base model.

The company also offers a special 30-day free trial on both the XLS and 3000, so you can try out both of these top quality models at no risk to see if it's the right piece of equipment for you.

For special discounted prices on Total Gym just follow this link and choose the model that appeals to you.

If you've used the Total Gym 1700 Club or any others in the line send us your feedback and we'll add it to our Total Gym reviews.

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