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Fitness Events is looking for contributions from any competing athletes.  We’re looking for event reviews from the athletes point of view (POV).  You can talk about how the event went for you, what you thought of the results, judges, other competitors, organization, or just amusing stories that might have happened while you were there.  If you have photographs to accompany your words then please send them as well.

Results: We need you to keep us updated with contest results – please email us at [email protected].  If possible please submit results in a simple HTML or Word table formatted in a similar way to those currently listed.

News: Do you have a news story?  Started a new website? Promoting an event?  Drop us a mail and tell us [email protected]  (If you have photographs, please include them)

Photos: Please submit any event photos to [email protected] 

Reports: If you would like to submit a report on an event / competition please email us here [email protected]
We are happy to use more than one report for each show.

Other things:  For anything else, just drop us a mail at [email protected] 

All contributors will be given full credit for their work.  If you’re a competing athlete or model then you’ll also be given a mini-profile on this site.



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