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Stacking Prohormones

Do Prohormones Work?

For the serious bodybuilder, stacking prohormones is an essential part of the training regimen, as they offer unparalleled muscle building and fat reducing capabilities. However, prohormones do come with side effects that one should be aware of before beginning supplementation.

Put simply, prohormones are hormone precursors, synthetically produced compounds that are converted to anabolic hormones via liver enzymes once they are introduced to the body. Stacking prohormones is a common practice for athletes looking to increase size, strength and endurance, as well as build lean muscle mass and cutting bodyfat.

Do Prohormones Work? This is a topic of much debate. Some bodybuilders swear by prohormones while others claim even the best prohormone stacks offer little to no benefit. There certainly is no conclusive scientific evidence pointing to their efficacy.

Stacking prohormones gives you the best chance of reaping the benefits, as you can enhance gains as well as reduce side effects. Prohormone cycles are between 2 and 8 weeks, with most athletes opting for 4 week cycles.

Stacking Prohormones - What are the side effects?

Unfortunately, the negative effects of taking Androstenedione, DHEA, HGH and others can be the same as those of steroids, and we are all familiar with those: acne, hair loss, prostate enlargement, breast tissue growth, etc.

Prohormone stacking can sometimes reduce some of these side effects, but bodybuilders should be aware of the potential.

It is also important not to overload your system, as your body stops producing its own natural hormones when you are supplementing. You have to make sure you do not permanently impede your body's natural hormone producing capabilities, which can happen if you are not careful with your cycling.

Make sure you consult your physician before beginning stacking prohormones...perhaps he or she might be able to answer the question do prohormones work, as well as make some recommendations.

What are the best prohormones and prohormone stacks?

Each athlete responds to different prohormones in different ways, so there is no one best prohormone stack. Your best bet is to experiment and firgure out what works best for you.

Most bodybuilders agree that the best prohormones are either the trandermal ones or the sublingual (under the tongue) versions. The oral prohormones are broken down in the liver and stomach, so they would be severely weakened by the time they enter the bloodstream.

Do Prohormones Work? Final Thoughts

There is no clear answer to this question. Even the best prohormones don't work for some athletes, while other have had much success with stacking prohormones.

After checking with your doctor to make sure you don't have any preexisting conditions that may make stacking prohormones unwise, you should try different combinations and see what works for you.

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