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Are Stacker Diet Pills Effective?

Not the most effective weight loss supplements on the market

Stacker diet pills rely on the standby "stack" of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin to attack weight loss. In order to answer the question, does it work, we need to take a close look at these ingredients.

While this is (arguably) an effective weight-loss cocktail, there are better supplements currently on the market. As this product has been around for many years, the newer formulas contain more effective ingredients, without the dangers of Stacker 2. Aspirin is "innocent" enough, and without much controversy. But it's the ephedrine, and the combination of ephedrine with caffeine, which causes so many to question the safety of Stacker supplements.

To understand the dangers of ephedrine, you must first understand what it is. Also called ephedra and ma huang, ephedrine is indigenous to China, India, and parts of Southeast Asia. Initially, ephedrine was sold to relieve congestion associated with common colds and allergies. Ephedrine aided those with congestion problems by dilating the bronchial muscles.

However, since ephedrine also mimics the affects of adrenaline - sometimes leading to high blood pressure, cardiac problems, and producing psychological effects such as depression, nervousness, and insomnia - the FDA took it out of over-the-counter sinus medications.

**UPDATE** Ephedra was banned in all supplements in early 2004. As of this writing (2012) the company now offers an ephedra-free version, with a proprietary blend of kola nut, yerba mate, cassia mimosoides and white willow bark. It still has 200 mg of caffeine and other herbal extracts. There are also energy shots and variations of the Stacker 2 and 3 formulations.

Despite the danger, it didn't take long for ephedrine to jump into diet medications - and Stacker diet pills. While the use for ephedrine changed, the side effects have not. And adding caffeine only adds to the dangers. Why? Because caffeine and ephedrine are both stimulants, taking them in combination can overburden the nervous system, leading (in worst cases) to stroke, heart attacks, and seizures. Sure, these occur on a relatively small scale But with little to no proof to show that ephedra effectively lowers weight, why take the chance?

Beyond the three basic ingredients, Stacker diet pills have little to add to the diet industry. Although the basic stack of ingredients may have been popular for a while, it has seen better days. With so many other ingredients (green tea comse to mind) that do offer some weight loss benefits without great health risks, taking an outdated supplement that relies on a potentially dangerous ingredient makes no sense.

Does Stacker 2 work? Possibly. But other supplements may work better - without the inherent dangers.

Is Stacker 2 Worth Trying?

Now that ephedra has been removed from all of their products, they are definitely safer than they were. Although the risk of a serious problem was always small, it's a step in the right direction to minimize the stimulant content.

The company, NVE, currently offers a variety of products, including Stacker 2 in regular and XPLC version, Stacker 3 as well as energy shots.

If you want to try any of these, you can find the full line of Stacker products at Amazon for some great prices. You can choose from pills of variois counts as well as the energy shots and various different formulations.

It's important to realize that you must incorporate a healthy diet and exercise regimen in order to achieve maximum results. Our review showed that the answer to does Stacker 2 work is a maybe at best, so if you are looking for a little help to lose excess pounds, take a look at your diet and make the necessary changes.

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