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Stability Ball Exercises

Supersize your routines with exercise ball exercises and workouts!

Any traditional gym routines can become stability ball exercises, as you can typically perform any free weight, cable or no weight motion on one of these balance balls.

These exercise balls have become quite popular over the last decade, as more and more people are realizing the many fitness benefits of exercise ball exercises as compared to traditional floor or bench movements.

When you perform a chest press or a triceps extension on a flat bench, you are only targetting those specific muscles. However, when you do the exact same exercise on a stability ball, you are now additionally targetting your stabilizing muscles, challenging your body to maintain balance and correct posture.

Stability ball exercises specifically target your lower back, abdominal muscles, and can significantly improve your balance and muscle endurance and prevent back pain.

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Stability Ball Exercises - Exercise Ball Exercises

Start out with simpler movements so you can get used to the stabilization and balancing on the ball. Once you're accustomed to it you can add more complex movements such as cable crossovers and heavier dumbbells.

One of the most basic exercises with an exercise ball is also one of the most common, the abdominal crunch. Lie with the ball under your lower back, your feet planted on the floor about two feet apart. With hands locked behind head, bring yourself up and squeeze the abdominals...lower yourself down again and repeat for as many reps as you can.

Another one of our favorite stability ball exercises is the dumbbell fly. This time you're resting your head, neck and upper back on the balancing ball. Grab two relatively light dumbbells, bring them up in a circular motion, squeeze at top and lower to parallel. Repeat for 10-15 repetitions.

Other exercises with an exercise ball include pushups with your feet on the ball at various angles, squats and lunges against the stability ball, and even bouncing is a good stability ball exercise to try.

The best part about exercise ball workout is that they involve multiple muscle groups and you can do many different variations with the same piece of equipment.

We recommend you look into a professional exercise ball workout kit which includes a high-quality balancing ball, a pump so you can experiment with different levels of inflation, and an instruction tape or DVD so you can learn how to do all of the movements properly and effectively.

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