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Is the Sole TT8 high end treadmill worth it?

The Sole Fitness TT8 treadmill is a strong investment for serious runners looking for commercial quality fitness equipment without the larger price tag, especially considering all the unnecessary bells and whistles and gimmick accessories the more expensive models often have.

Most commercial treadmill units for gyms come with all the standard features in the TT8 model, but with a stronger emphasis on price over downright impressive craftsmanship. Sole Fitness began as a hotel exclusive dealer and built exercise equipment meant to last a long time under rigorous conditions. This trend continued with their eventual expansion into personal use and personal business territory by building reliable treadmills at affordable prices for those runners looking for a worthy companion and for those part-time users looking for an uncompromised substitute to road running.

As one of the fastest growing exercise equipment companies in North America along with numerous "best buy" awards for their products including the TT8 treadmill model, Sole Fitness has clenched the lead for superior quality and dependability. With one of the longest parts and repair warranties on the market, it's never been a better time to fully invest in a healthy future with the Sole Fitness lifestyle.

Read on for our full review of the Sole TT8 home treadmill...

What We Loved

When you're purchasing from Sole Fitness, you know you're getting the highest quality parts that will not fail during regular use. If for whatever reason they do, you're looking at a well compensated warranty. Simply put, when you buy a high end treadmill like the TT8 for your home, you're looking at a permanent solution to all your running needs without even the slightest hint you will ever need to buy again in the near future.

The TT8 non-foldable treadmill also comes with a 22 x 60 inch surface track, which is even wider than most commercial models at comparable prices. This means even more freedom to stretch out your strides without having to squeeze your running style to meet the demands of your treadmills. New runners will love the extra two inches of space to run.

The 4 horsepower motor is whisper quiet because Sole Fitness has wisely placed it inside a thick plastic shell to prevent noise from interrupting your training session. The extra large rollers also ensure you'll never see your track get ruined for a long time due to excessive cycling along the deck.

The TT8 Sole, like most treadmills from this company, also comes with CushionFlex technology to reduce the amount of joint and muscle pain associated with constantly running along a flat surface. Its shock absorption rate (40%) is really on the high end of other commercial treadmills.

You're also looking at a rather generous 9 inch LCD screen to monitor your running session and heart rate via wireless sensors attached to your body. While there is no TV screen on this model just yet, you can plug in your favorite music player and listen while you run.

What Could Be Improved

Like most high end treadmill machines, the TT8 from Sole Fitness is extremely large and un-foldable to save storage place. This means once it's set in place, it's probably not going anywhere for a while and while this treadmill is expected to have a sturdy atmosphere for serious running, we do wish it wasn't so incredibly bulky.

The preset workout routines and other training sessions on the TT8 are limited to only about 8 programs, which is acceptable and comparable to most other commercial models, we just wish Sole Fitness went the extra mile. You also can't really ignore the lack of TV option or connectivity with other electronic devices other than an audio jack. While most can probably forgive this minor oversight, this is probably the only thing other commercial treadmills have over the TT8


For its price, the Sole TT8 treadmill is perhaps a little on the expensive side for most part-time runners and those looking to purchase one for the first time. For other serious runners, this is probably one of the most worthwhile investments in treadmills.

It all depends on how much you're willing to afford to gain extra, but perhaps unnecessary features to entertain yourself while on the treadmill.

Overall, we recommend the TT8 for its strong backbone in treadmill design and decent features everywhere else.

If you have any experience with the TT8 we'd love to share it with our visitors. Send us an email and we'll post your story.


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