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The New Sole F60 Treadmill

A Solid Model at an Affordable Price

What did our experts say about the new Sole F60 treadmill? Let's take a look:

When it comes to affordable treadmills with long warranties and easy to replace parts, there's one trusted name with numerous awards in customer satisfaction and overall quality: Sole Fitness. Known online and worldwide through its exclusive partnership with Sears, treadmills and other exercise equipment from Sole Fitness are a solid option for first time runners looking to start a healthy lifestyle. With plenty of affordable models and the highest rated technical support in the industry, there's really no reason to avoid Sole Fitness if you're in the market for impressive and convenient exercise from the comfort of your own home.

Specifically, the newly redesigned 2013 Sole F60 foldable treadmill model is a strong contender for those in need of an exercise machine but don't have the budget for all the latest technological bells and whistles. This is a barebones model built from solid components that won't quit on you. Let's take a further look:

What We Loved

The 2013 edition of the F60 foldable treadmill is compact in design and quite robust for a relatively no frills sized treadmill, something much sought after for first time runners looking to save space while getting the most out of their exercise equipment. While this is nowhere near a gym-quality treadmill, the F60 makes up for its lack of expensive features by providing the best basic 20 x 60 inch running surface on the market.

Powered by a respectable 2.75 horsepower motor, most runners can expect a decent workout with virtual no noise and a lifetime warranty. The CushionFlex technology also provides up to 40% less joint and muscle pain on the running surface compared to outside running conditions, which we absolutely felt with each step.

There are up to 6 running programs and workouts for up to 12 mph along with heart rate straps to monitor your progress on a 5.5 inch LCD screen. These are great features for an inexpensive treadmill like the F60 Sole Fitness model and really comparable to the higher end ones for sheer quality. Along with a strong sound system for all your music listening needs and cooling fans for the runner who just achieved a new personal best, there is a lot provided for the price even if there's nothing relatively great about them.

Generally speaking, the treadmill design of the F60 is good in all areas required by a first time runner with nothing more beyond the surface. Serious runners may need to move up in price to find a suitable model.

What Could Be Improved

For the price, some other comparable models have a fully useable and quiet 3 horsepower motor, which honestly does not make a noticeable difference but we don't understand why an industry leader like Sole Fitness would choose a lesser motor. The F60 treadmill also sports a smallish LCD screen for the price and does not offer anything more than the standard programming options and heart rate readout.

We wished there was just a little something more like heart rate control for more efficient workouts or simulation routines for different kinds of runs. There were some minor issues with the frame as well including some wobbling and just a general sense of shakiness when running full speed. But considering the inexpensive price and the long warranty covered on most parts, we decided to forgive Sole Fitness.

So what's the verdict?

Overall, the F60 from Sole Fitness is a worthy contender in the inexpensive treadmill market focusing on first time runners who favor the price tag more than the craftsmanship or gym-quality design. This is not to totally dismiss the F60 for serious runners because the affordable price opens the market for many consumers.

However, if you're looking for the best running experience with all the bells and whistles meant for serious running, you may want to look elsewhere. For first timers, Sole Fitness would be an excellent place to start your running journey.

Have you used this model? Tell us your experience and we'll post your story with our next update!

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