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Sole F 80 Treadmill Review

A Solid Choice For a Good Home Workout

The Sole F 80 treadmill offers a gym quality workout in the comfort of your own home. For serious exercise enthusiasts, there aren't too many comparable machines. With its range of features, professional quality specs and full warranty, this treadmill gives you the best of all worlds at a competitive price. When it comes to making your workouts pay off, there's nothing else like it.

What makes the Sole F80 stand out from the pack? It has a double woven belt on a wide and comfortable cushioned deck. The extra cushioning makes the unit whisper soft so it won't interfere with your music, TV, or anything else you listen to during your workout. It has variable speed settings ranging up to 11 mph and an incline feature to take your workout to the next level.

Along with its mechanical specs, the Sole F 80 has a range of added features to give you that gym style experience. Built in speakers, a music port for your MP3 player, cooling fans and heart rate control all help you to adjust your workout environment to suit your needs. When you stack it up against competitors such as Bowflex and Life Fitness, it gives you far more for your money than almost any other treadmill.

Your best bet when it comes to purchasing a Sole F80 treadmill or any of their other exercise machines is to go directly to the official Sole Treadmills site, as they offer special discounts that you won't find at retail outlets, as well as free shipping.

At around $1,500 it is not cheap, but it is well worth the expense to get the type of quality that the sole f80 offers. And that quality is backed up with a full 2 year warranty that includes labor. You'll be hard pressed to find any other treadmill which provides that kind of consumer protection. That's because Sole stands firmly behind all of its products. They want to be sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

The Sole F 80 includes some design features which most treadmills overlook. But consumers have noticed the difference and they appreciate it. The easy to use folding mechanism makes storage a snap. Customers of all ages note how simple it is to store the unit when they are not using it so that it isn't taking up a tremendous amount of floor space.

And easy storage isn't the only thing that impresses users of the Sole F80. Many customers have praised the comfort of the wide, cushioned, belt and the ability to adjust the settings to get just the amount of workout you want. The belt is a bit shorter in length than some other models, which can cause issues for taller runners, but overall customers who have paid extra for the quality Sole offers have not been disappointed.

In fact, many customers have likened running on this treadmill to using the much more complex machines at their gym, but with the extra added comfort of being at home! And with holders for your musical device and water bottles, there is nothing stopping you from getting the full experience of jogging outdoors, even on days when the weather doesn't allow it.

If exercising regularly is important to you, why not enhance your workout with a top quality machine like the Sole F 80 treadmill? You can get the conditioning your body needs with the security of knowing you are using one of the best machines money can buy.

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