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Smooth Elliptical Trainer Review

A look at the full line of Smooth Fitness ellipticals

Smooth elliptical machines are emerging as a popular choice in home workout equipment. We've heard a lot about these high quality machines and so we thought we'd try them out ourselves. After checking out the entire range of elliptical trainers available, we could see what all the buzz was about.

There are various models of Smooth elliptical trainers on the market now and each offers the quality, durability and value that Smooth has become known for. With a variety of features enabling you to tailor your workout to meet your individual needs and one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, Smooth eliptical machines are truly head and shoulders above the rest.

Smooth products offer a wide range of comfort features, making their machines some of the safest and most enjoyable to use. A built in iPod docking station with dual speakers, built in fan and water bottle holders make exercising a pleasure. And the bright, back lit LCD display allows you to easily keep up with your workout at a glance.

If you'd like to take a look at the various models available, your best bet is to visit the official Smooth Fitness site. That way you can take advantage of special pricing and free shipping.

One of the most important features is the ergonomic, pivoting foot pedals. Designed to mimic the natural movement of your ankle, these pedals minimize strain by aligning knee, ankle and hip. We were particularly impressed with the way this unique design allows you to endure even the longest and most strenuous workout without a lot of wear and tear.

Of course, Smooth eliptical machines aren't all about comfort. They also take your cardio, weight loss and fitness needs into account. A full range of programs enables you to establish a workout that fits your needs, whether that includes reaching and maintaining a target heart rate, burning maximum calories or varying speed and intensity to push you harder.

Smooth elliptical trainers give you a gym quality workout without leaving your own home and without breaking your bank. Priced relatively reasonably at anywhere from $1,499 to $2,999, they are well worth the investment. And the warranty guarantees you'll get the most for you money. There's coverage for the frame, braking system, parts, electronics and in-home labor that ranges from 2 years to lifetime depending on the model.

All in all, the Smooth elliptical offers an aerobic and anaerobic experience that would be hard to duplicate outside a gym. And customers who have given Smooth a try have been raving about the results. Having tried out several of the machines ourselves, we can see why.

For anyone who wants more of a challenge than a standard treadmill can give you without worrying about putting undue stress on your body, elliptical machines are the answer. And Smooth elliptical offers a fine line of these exercisers.

Do you own one of these machines? If so, send us an email and let us know how you've found the workout. We'll add your feedback to our reviews.

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