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Smooth 9.45 ST & TV Treadmills

A look at the top treadmill options offered by Smooth Fitness

The Smooth 9.45 ST and TV treadmills are top of the line models without the top of the line price tag, making them a great choice for serious fitness enthusiasts. In order to determine whether they stand up to their reputation, we gave them a spin. Taking everything thes models have to offer in mind, we have to say there is good reason for all the enthusiasm.

Larger and bulkier than the lighter weight folding models, the Smooth 9.45 TV and ST models are serious machines that take up a good deal of room, but they also offer comfort and quality for even the tallest and heaviest individuals. And like all Smooth Fitness equipment, they come with a full range of comfort features and one of the best warranties in the industry.

What sets these models apart is their rugged construction. The patented Whisper Weave treadbelt is made not only to support users weighing up to 400 lbs. but also to run as quietly as possible, making it a pleasure to use. And because the belt is reversible, it can literally last a lifetime without wearing out.

If you're looking to purchase one of these treadmills, you should definitely go to the official Smooth Fitness site. That way you can compare all of the different models to see which one is right for you.

Along with the sturdy construction, the Smooth 9.45 ST includes Smooth's unique Hydra-Suspension system which can be adjusted to 12 different levels in order to accommodate many different styles of running. We were quite impressed with the amount of shock absorption and found that it offered ideal support for the joints and back, even over lengthy workouts.

Even with the built in commercial grade deck, cooling fans and water bottle holders, the Smooth 9.45 TV and ST treadmills are about more than just comfort. With six different program settings, you can customize your workout to fit your individual fitness needs and the hands free motion control speed adjustment lets you make changes to your program without ever touching the control panel.

The 9.45ST offers everything from interval speed and incline programs to a weight loss program targeted to help you burn the maximum amount of calories. There's even a heart rate control program that allows you to reach and maintain a predetermined heart rate. With settings that allow for a warm up, workout and cool down process we found this program equal to any youÕd find in a pricey gym.

As with all its equipment, Smooth Fitness offers one of the best warranties you'll find anywhere. On these models you'll get lifetime frame, motor, parts and electronics, and 2 year in-home labor coverage. That goes far beyond what most companies offer and makes it far easier to invest the retail price.

What's the main difference between the 9.45 ST and the 9.45 TV? You might have guessed that the latter comes with a television attached (a 15" LCD TV). Other than that, the ST model is a bit lighter, has a deluxe sound system, and is a couple hundred dollars cheaper than the TV model.

Overall, we can confidently say that the Smooth 9.45 ST and TV treadmills are a great option for those who want a top of the line treadmill with many workout options and features. Of course, they are more expensive than the folding models, but in our opinion they are worth the extra cost.

Do you own one of these treadmills? If so, email us and tell us how you like it. We'll add your review to our next update.

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