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Smartburn Reviews

Can Smart Burn with Hoodia really help women lose weight?

Our Smartburn reviews show that although this new diet supplement targeted at women does contain some decent ingredients, there is probably not enough of them to offer any significant weight loss benefits, and as such is most likely ineffective.

We are always wary of new diet pills for women, such as Estrin D and Fahrenheit, because more often than not they do not contain any ingredients that are specifically for women...Smart Burn with hoodia is no different. As far as we can tell, the only "female" ingredient in this formula is soy phospholipids...soy can potentially help with PMS and menstrual symptoms.

Besides this initial red flag, several other things turned us off to this product right from the getgo...first, they make outrageous claims about the amount of weight you can lose, and second, there is an incredibly small amount of active ingredient. For these two reasons alone Smartburn diet pills should be avoided in our opinion.

Smartburn Reviews - Is this product all hype?

Let's just start off with this...if a product tells you you can lose up to 450% more than diet and exercise alone, just stay away. This statement invariably refers to ingredients in the formula that have been shown to be effective, yet you cannot be sure that these ingredients, or enough of them, are actually present in the supplement to yield these kind of results. So it is very misleading, and no reputable manufacturer will make this claim.

The makers also market the product as Smart Burn with hoodia, yet a quick look at the ingredients reveals that hoodia is just one of 12 ingredients, all of which together add up to merely 1.5 grams per pill! That is a miniscule amount of hoodia, and we can't even be sure it is pure hoodia, as most products on the market do not actually contain the active ingredient of this plant.

Smartburn diet pills do contain some promosing weight loss ingredients, such as garcinia, theanine and green tea, but again they are present in such minute amounts that we doubt they have any real thermogenic capabilities.

So are Smartburn pills worth trying?

Although they are less expensive than some of the other diet pills on the market, our Smartburn reviews tell us that they are probably not going to help you shed those extra pounds. As such, they are probably not worth trying.

Three reasons: lack of ingredients, misleading claims, targeted at women with nothing specifically for women...all in all Smartburn with hoodia is not the product it claims to be.

Is there a better alternative?

Through our extensive research, it has become quite apparent that Smartburn diet pill and similar "for-women" weight loss supplements are not the best option. There is simply no reason to try a product simply because they advertise everywhere...in fact, that's usually a bad sign, as marketing hype overshadows real scientific data.

As far as an alternative, you are probably better off with a safe, natural alternative with proven ingredients, one that can help increase metabolism, suppress appetite and promote weight loss.

We have experienced tremendous success with Hoodia Gordonii Plus, which is a natural dietary supplement that can help you lose weight safely and effectively. The active ingredient, P57, has been shown to suppress appetite in clinical studies, and the plant has been used for centuries to stave off hunger. Unlike with Smart Burn pills, this product actually contains significant amounts of this active ingredient.

It's important to understand that there are no miracle weight loss products, and that your best bet is always going to be to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen if you want to see substantial results. For those looking for a little boost, our Smart burn reviews show that this supplement will probably be ineffective, but an alternative fat burner might be a helpful option.

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