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Schwinn Exercise Bikes

Are they still the best in the industry?

Schwinn exercise bikes have been around for almost half a century, and the company itself since the late 1800s. Although their street models are quite popular, they have dominated the in-home fitness market from the very beginning.

Many of our visitors ask for recommendations for indoor bikes, and we've always referred them to Schwinn, as the company offers high quality equipment at very competitive prices, as well as top notch customer service and a solid warranty.

Depending on your preference, there is the Schwinn recumbent exercise bike or the upright variety, and several models of each to choose from. We decided to take a closer look at the latest offerings to see if they are as good as they used to be...we like to make sure we are recommending the very best to our visitors.

The Latest Schwinn Exercise Bike Models

There are currently 9 upright models to choose from, ranging in price from $399 to $1299. The base model is the 101, and moving up you have the 112, 113, 130 and 131 models. As you move up, there are more features, including more resistance levels, computer displayes and numbers of programs.

The high end upright Schwinn exercise bikes are the IC Pro, IC Elite and the Evolution, which offer the most features as well as a unique coasting system called Smart Release.

As far as your Schwinn recumbent exercise bike choices, there are five choices of 200 series models to choose from, ranging in price from $499-$649, and offering varying features.

Are Schwinn Bikes the Best For Your Home Gym?

After an extensive review of the company's product line and feedback from our visitors, Schwinn exercise bikes still rank at the very top. We tested a variety of models and they all provided a solid workout.

As far as price, selection and quality, no other company can match Schwinn. Although there are a number of good indoor bikes on the market, many don't have the durability, and tend to break down over time. Others that we've reviewed are very pricy, or don't offer the level of customer service that we feel they should.

They also offer one of the most comprehensive warranties of all the manufacturers.

Fitness Events Opinion & Recommendation:

If you are in the market for an indoor bicycle, you can't beat a Schwinn recumbent exercise bike or one of the upright models. In our opinion they continue to be the best in the business.

We would definitely recommend one of the higher end models if it's in your budget, as they offer the most features and comfort. They allow for a more enjoyable experience, as you can vary your workout and be comfortable doing it. Since you'll have the bike forever, you might as well go for one of the better models.

All of the Schwinn exercise bikes are good; the IC and Evolution models were definitely more fun to use, which is important. Exercise should be an enjoyable experience.

If you are interested in purchasing a Schwinn exercise bike, just follow the link to the official manufacturer site and read about all of the available models.

As always, if you do purchase one of these great bikes we would love to hear about your experience. Send us your review or just your comments and we'll be happy to post them for our visitors to read.

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