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Ripped Fuel Review

Are these muscle building supplements worth trying?

Our Ripped Fuel review focused on the ingredients in the product, i.e. whether or not they could really help you achieve the results promised by the manufacturer. Made for people looking to fight fat and gain muscle mass, the base product and Ripped Fuel Extreme rely on ma huang, St. John's wort and guarana seed extract to give you that "ripped" look. But how do these ingredients affect your ability to safely lose weight and build muscle?

The first step in choosing a proper sports supplement is understanding how the products work. Both claim to work on two fronts. First, "thermogenesis" (where you metabolism speeds up) is supposed to provide extra energy and burn more calories. This is provided by ma huang and caffeine found in Ripped Fuel.

Ma huang (a replacement for the now-banned ephedra) does have some clout when it comes to fighting fat, however it does not come without controversy regarding its safety and effectiveness. Possessing many of the same attributes of basic ephedra, ma huang also presents many of the same dangers.

Health ramifications from heart attacks to strokes have been blamed on ma huang (or the ephedrine contained in it), causing it to be pulled off the market for over two years. However, it has returned to the supplement market, with little more to offer than unproven weight loss hype and severe side effects such as dizziness, vomiting, irregular heartbeats, and headaches.

Other ingredient in Ripped Fuel - such as chromium - are meant to suppress appetites, thus lowering caloric intake. However, an overall Ripped Fuel review from customers is lackluster, at best. Why? Probably because green tea is the only added ingredient proven to provide any benefits towards weight loss, and even that is not enough to see drastic weight loss without proper diet and exercise.

While the average Ripped Fuel review from users is less than stellar, Ripped Fuel Extreme has enjoyed a little more popularity among users lately. Perhaps two additional ingredients not found in Ripped fuel - Citrus Aurantium (bitter orange) and Coleus Forskoholi may make a slight difference, although negligible.

While bitter orange is said to mimic the effects of ephedrine without the side effects, there is much controversy surrounding its effectiveness at promoting weight loss - and no proof to verify any weight-loss claims. Coleus Forskoholi, an herb used in Indian medicine for centuries, relaxes the airways in the lungs and helps promote energy transfer on a cellular level - as well as promoting lower blood pressure. However, its benefits for losing weight and building muscle are not verified.

What about the latest versions, such as Ripped Fuel 5x and Xtender?

Over the years Twinlab has changed the formulas for many of their supplements to one degree or another. The basic and the Extreme product have some new ingredients, and some of the older ones are no longer in the products.

They have added the Ripped Fuel 5x supplement, which promises 5 different benefits including burning calories faster, reducing body fat, increasing energy, enhancing nutrient absorption and preserving lean muscle.

In addition to chromium and calcium found in the basic supplement, you have thiamin, niacin, B12 and pyridoxine, as well as two proprietary herbal blends with various extracts including rhodiola, skullcap root, ginger and cinnamon.

Ripped Fuel Xtender is the most expensive of the supplements, helping "extend" the calorie burn and boosting energy. Strangely the label for this one shows the least ingredients, just an herbal blend of green tea, L-tyrosine, cayenne and caffeine.Perhaps the blend is more complex to justify the higher cost.

So what's the bottom line. Is it worth trying?

Bottom line? No matter which supplement you choose, effectively losing weight and gaining muscle is up to you. Whether you use Ripped Fuel Extreme, 5x or Xtender, it's important to remember that there are no miracle weight loss or muscle building pills; you will achieve the greatest results when you follow a healthy diet and exercise program.

But for those looking for a little added boost, our Ripped Fuel reviews show that there are people who swear by these products and have seen significant results. Also, the newer formulations seem to have more effective ingredients, as science has come a long way since our first Ripped Fuel review many years ago.

If you are interested in trying Ripped Fuel 5x, Xtendr or any of the other varieties of the Twinlab supplement follow the link to one of the top supplement providers online. They always offer great deals on all major brands, daily specials and other incentives.

If you do try any of the Ripped Fuel supplements let us know your results and we'll share them with our visitors.

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