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Review of Thermadrol

A good fat burner or another in a long line of "miracle" weight loss products?

Our review of Thermadrol started out just like any other, with a trip to the official site. What we discovered was a website that looks like a preschooler designed it, with outrageous claims all over the home page...we should have just stopped there! But, being the professionals that we are, we stuck around long enough to find out more about this weight loss product.

"Lose at least 10 pounds in 7 days!" (We doubt it, plus, that's dangerous)

"Burn up to 600% More Fat" (Oh yea, according to what studies?)

"It's Safe and Effective" (Says who?)

Thermadrol reviews and product ads tout their unique combination of 21 active ingredients as being the most effective on the market. Specifically, Thermadrol relies on its infamous ÒQuadraburn BlendÓ to help users burn fat. These four key ingredients are: green tea extract, citrus aurantium, 5-HTP, and hydroxycitric acid. (Many of the ingredients listed on the site are misspelled, another red flag!) However, a review of Thermadrol ingredients shows that this product simply can't live up to its fantastic claims.

Let's take a look at the Quadraburn Blend:

Green tea extract - While green tea extract has been proven to help with weight loss, the most extra calories a dieter can hope to burn with green tea is 100 per day. In order to lose ten pounds in one week, you would have to burn an EXTRA 35,000 calories - or 5,000 a day. While green tea can help users lose a small amount of weight, it is mathematically impossible for 100 calories a day to equal a weight loss of ten pounds in one week.

Citrus aurantium - As one of the most over-hyped ingredients in the supplement industry, citrus aurantium has absolutely no proven effect on weight loss. Hydroxycitric acid - A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that hydroxycitric has no effect on weight loss.

5-HTP - You may be happy, but you won't get skinny. 5-HTP is an herb used for its antidepressant qualities - but not its weight loss benefits. Interestingly, claims that 5-HTP serves to regulate sleep and aid in depression are not even proven.

What about the other 17 ingredients? Our review of Thermadrol shows they aren't much more impressive. While ingredients such as licorice root and cayenne may aid with digestion, and chromium may regulate blood sugar - none do much for weight loss. And the list goes on...Thermadrol has many fine ingredients, but none can back up Thermadrol reviews claiming drastic weight loss.

True enough, any review of Thermadrol would show its ingredients to be relatively safe. But effective they aren't. The president of the company concedes in a review of Thermadrol that their fantastic claims may seem far-fetched. However, as proof of his product's success, he states that over 70% of Thermadrol's customers are repeat customers. What does this say? If losing ten pounds a week were truly possible - as told in many supposed Thermadrol reviews - customers wouldn't need to keep returning for more.

Is there a more effective alternative to Thermadrol?

We're wary of any product with an amateurish website, no company information, misspelled ingredients and outrageous claims. Our review of Thermadrol showed that the manufacturer was guilty of all of these negatives.

There are a number of natural weight loss supplements on the market these days. Although many of them are subpar, there are some that have been shown to help promote weight loss safely and effectively.

One of the most promising new diet supplements is called Hoodia Gordonii Plus, a safe, effective weight loss product that can help you lose weight in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program.

The active ingredient, P57, has been shown to suppress appetite in clinical studies, and the hoodia plant has been used for centuries to stave off hunger. Unlike with Thermadrol, it contains all natural ingredients actually proven to help you lose weight, without the empty promises and false hope.

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