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Nov. 16, 2011
The NPC 2011 Nationals competition made history, in more ways than one. It was the largest NPC Nationals competition ever, with over 900 competitors. This was at least partially due to the addition of two new divisions: men's physique and women's physique. However, the year's competition will more likely be remembered for several unexpected turns of events than the number of contestants.

Several of the competitions were extremely close, leaving fans hanging until the end. However, not all of the 2011 NPC Nationals contests were nail-biters. For example, Ron Hackaspker, who has a background in powerlifting, seemed to be an easy choice as the bantamweight winner.

Two men named Luis garnered for the top spot in the lightweights at the NPC 2011 Nationals. However, Luis Santiago pulled ahead due to a small waist that set off a look that was rounder and fuller than that of Luis Moreno.

In the welterweight division, J.B. Bartlett took the top honors, displaying a superior overall package. He edged out runner up Victor Delcampo, whom some said lost due to his boxy shape. Third place finisher Julius Rumingan showed promise, but fell short this time around.

In the middleweight division, Alan Bailey stood above the rest, displaying a balance of shape, size and condition that made him the winner. Steve Silverman was the runner up. Marco Rivera claimed the light-heavy with his mass and confidence, beating Benny Brantley, who came in second, and Darron Glenn, who had been a favorite, but came only in third.

In the heavies, An Nguygen earned a perfect score and took the title - not a surprise to many fans. However, the supers brought several unexpected turns of events. Todd Jewell displayed a massive rippled figure that his competition couldn't match. Drew Jemmott was expected to take second place, but only took fourth. Instead, Max Charles took spot number two, with Brian Yersky coming in third.

But that wasn't Todd Jewell's only victory. He took the overall top spot at the 2011 NPC Nationals - not bad for a guy who almost wasnÕt around this year at all and who had never won a title. Jewell had almost died less than a year before from a blood clot caused by an improperly placed IV during a hospital stay due to appendicitis. The blood clot moved to his lung, requiring emergency surgery and costing him five months of training time - and 30 pounds of muscle. Things didn't look good for the bodybuilder who was known more for halting a bank robbery in 2007 than for his competition accomplishments.

Despite this huge setback, Jewell trained hard and showed up at the NPC 2011 Nationals in the best shape of his life. He was 10 pounds heavier and noticeably leaner than he was the year before. Jewell's stunning win was a huge highlight in a competition full of suspense and surprises.

Overall Winner Todd Jewell  USA
Super Heavyweight Todd Jewell  USA
Heavyweight An Nguyen USA
Light Heavyweight Alejandro Cambronero USA
Middleweight Alan Bailey  USA
Welterweight JB Bartlett USA
Lightweight Luis Santiago USA
Bantamweight Ron Hackaspker  USA
Men's Physique Overall Matt Acton USA
Women Overall Michelle Cummings  USA
Womens Physique Overall Karin Kimura  USA
Figure Overall Julie Mayer-Hyman  USA
Bikini Overall Candy Agundez  USA

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