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March 17, 2012
Here are the results from the 2012 Australian Pro, which took place on March 17th. An impressive Branch Warren, coming off his Arnold Classic win a few weeks prior, took home the title, followed by Michael Kefalianos, who gave the champ a run for his money in second place and Omar Deckard in third.

Branch took home $10,000 for his win, Kefalianos $5,500 (he also qualifies for the Mr. Olympia) and Deckhard $4,000. Luke Timms, in 5th place, was Australia's top winner in the competition.
1 Branch Warren  USA
2 Michael Kefalianos  Greece
3 Omar Deckard USA
4 Darryn Onekawa New Zealand
5 Luke Timms  Australia
6 Lionel Brown USA


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