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Arnold Classic Results
March 3-6, 2011
The lineup at the Arnold Classic 2011 took many by surprise. Several top competitors chose not to compete at the event, which was held in Chicago at the Veteran's Memorial Auditorium in March 2011, and the lineup that resulted caused many speculations in the weeks leading up to the competition.

Branch Warren was a favorite going into the 2011 Arnold Classic. Two-time defending champion Kai Green was expected to defend this title, but surprised many fans by announcing that he'd be taking the competition off. He stated that his body needed a break after competing at least three times a year for the past five years, and that he was focusing on training for the upcoming Mr. Olympia competition. Phil Heath, who had taken second place in 2009 and 2010, also opted to sit out to focus on training for that same event.

The absence of Green and Heath from the Arnold Classic opened the door for previous champions, such as Dexter "the Blade" Jackson and Victor Martinez, to reclaim the title. Jackson was poised to earn his fourth Arnold competition, which would put him in a tie with Flex Wheeler as the man to win the most Arnold Classic titles. He was expected to give Branch the greatest run for his money. However, when Evan Centopani beat Jackson at the 2011 Flex Pro in February 2011, it left many wondering how each of these competitors would fare in the 2011 Arnold Classic the following month.

As it turned out, both Dennis Wolf, who showed up in his best form ever, and Victor Martinez offered some serious competition. However, in the end, Branch Warren prevailed at the Arnold Classic 2011, not only in the overall competition, but also by taking the prize for most muscular.

As Warren's name was announced as the winner, he dropped to the ground: while it was his fifth win as most muscular, it was his first time to take the title. Arnold commended Branch in the congratulatory interview to follow, mentioning his refusal to give up after falling short for four years prior.

Following behind Warren, Dennis Wolf came in second and Victor Martinez rounded out the top three. Centopani and Jackson came in fourth and fifth, respectively.

In response to a growing trend, a bikini competition was added to the lineup in 2011. The event's co-promoter, Jim Lorimer, shared that "Like all of our professional events, we will strive to make the Bikini International the most sought-after championship of its kind in the world." This competition appealed more to mainstream tastes and Nicole Nagrani took the top spot.

The final results of the Arnold Classic 2011 changed many fans' opinions about Warren as a top contender for the Mr. Olympia competition later that year. His persistence had paid off and if could easily pay off again.

1 Branch Warren  USA
2 Dennis Wolf  Germany
3 Victor Martinez USA
4 Evan Centopani USA
5 Dexter Jackson  USA
6 Ronny Rockel Germany


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