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Qray Bracelet

Do Q Ray Bracelets Work?

We all have our doubts about the Qray bracelet we've seen on television, but there are many people who swear by them, and as such they have become quite popular in recent years.

For those of you who don't know what they are, Q ray ionized bracelets are ionized steel wire adjustable bracelets that are supposdly infused with ions. They are available in silver and goal, and are said to help your body achieve a state of "chi" by balancing negative (Yin) and positive (Yang) energies.

By helping achieve this balance within the body, the Q ray braclet can purportedly help you reach your optimum physical potential, and as such is a "favorite" for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Fitness Events Opinion & Recommendation

Although we believe that diet and exercise are the only true way to achieve your ultimate potential, there are those who tout the benefits of the Qray bracelet.

We attribute this to the placebo effect, but regardless, if wearing a Q ray ionized bracelet makes you feel better about yourself, or gives you a renewed energy, then who are we to tell you not to get one.

If you are interested in purchasing a QRay Ionized Bracelet for a special price you might want to check out the Amazon website where they feature special deals on Qray braclets and other health & fitness items.

Many people have asked do Q ray bracelets work and we believe the answer resides within you. Although they probably do not have any direct health benefits, if you believe they are helping you then they work...just like any other product on the market. If it does no harm and makes you feel good about yourself, then it works.

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