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Pullup Bar - Chinup Bar

The pull up station and portable chin up bars are an inexpensive, easy way to tone up.

The pullup bar is an important piece of equipment for everyone from the beginner to the professional bodybuilder. No matter what level of fitness you are at, you can definitely benefit from a chinup bar.

The most common use of this equipment is for developing the back muscles, particularly to develop that V-shape that most people desire. However, pull up stations are also great for developing arm muscles, particularly biceps and forearms. You can also do a variety of abdominal exercises including leg raises and oblique curls using the pullup bar.

There are a variety of options when it comes to doing pullups or chinups, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Pullup Bar and Chinup Bar Options:

1. There are portable chin up bars that can be easily installed and removed that are good for home and office use.

2. Then there are pull up wall mounted units that can work if your ceilings are high enough and your walls can handle the weight of the exerciser.

3. There are pull up stations that are stand alone units that may or may not have a dip attachment for chest and triceps.

4. The last option is a weight-assisted pull up station that allows you to deduct from your full body weight and vary your workouts.

Our Recommendation: Pullup Bar and Chinup Bar

When it comes to chinup and pullup equipment, it's all a matter of how much you are willing to spend. As long as the quality is good, and most of them are, there's no one brand that stands out from another.

That said, if you want something basic we recommend one of the multi-exercise mounted bar units such as the Stud Bar Chin Up Bar so you can do chins, pulls as well as pushups or the Doorway Chin Up Bar Pull Up System so you can do chins, pulls and dips. These pull up wall mounted units are great for the home.

For something more advanced we recommend the Stud Bar Pullup which allows you to adjust the grip for varied workouts, with a chinup bar included. This replaced the older Powertec VKR Chin Dip Unit with chinup bar/pullup bar, dip bar as well as step up access on a high quality stand alone unit.

If you have come across any great chinup bars, pull up stations or pull up wall mounted units send us an email and we'll review them for our visitors.

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