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Provactin Reviews

Another questionable weight loss product hawked on television

We knew going into our Provactin reviews that we would most likely be disappointed just as have been with almost every weight loss supplement marketed on infomercials and/or featured in late night commercials.

The bottom line is, there is absolutely nothing about this product that makes it worth buying...from the outrageous claims to the lack of ingredient information to the absence of any clinical data to support any of the product's supposed fat burning benefits.

Provactin is just another in a seemingly endless assembly line of "miracle" weight loss supplements. A manufacturer slaps together a worthless supplement, gives it a name, makes unsupported claims, sells millions on TV, gets sued, then changes the product name and starts all over again.

Sound crazy? Unfortunately dietary supplements are not regulated like pharmaceutical drugs, so marketers are pretty much allowed to put out any products they want, without having to prove anything. Our Provactin reviews showed that this is just another worthless release.

What's wrong with Provactin?

There are so many red flags, we're surprised anyone is ignorant enough to actually purchase a product like this. We went straight to their website to get the real scoop on this product.

Outrageous/Unsupported Claims:

1. Provactin calls itself "the first diet pill that delivers stimulant-free fat loss", yet there is no evidence supporting this claim.

2. They mention a "double-blind clinical trial" where it "...dramatically increased energy and produced twice as much fat loss as placebo√Č* 193% more fat loss, to be exact." Yet there is no mention of where, when and by whom this trial was conducted...translation, this trial might not have even occurred.

No Ingredients Listed

HUGE RED FLAG! There is absolutely no mention of the ingredients on the official website or any other website discussing this product. This indicates that they are hiding something, as by law they MUST list the ingredients on the bottle. So you won't find out until you purchase the product, which is very unscrupulous.

Dubious Marketer

The makers of Provactin also market another product called Thyrin ATC, another overhyped weight loss supplement that claims to promote weight loss by stimulating the thyroid gland. Again, there is no science behind this and taking a supplement that affects your thyroid is downright dangerous!

Is there a better alternative to Provactin?

Our Provactin reviews have revealed that you should probably stay as far away from this and similar TV products as you possibly can. The marketers of these products are shady, greedy individuals just looking to make a buck off of unsuspecting consumers.

When you see claims that are too good to be true, can't find a simple list of ingredients, and can't find any unbiased scientific data to support all of the weight loss hype, steer clear...this product is not going to work for you!

If you're looking for a safe natural diet supplement we have experienced tremendous success with Garcinia Cambogia & Green Coffee Bean Extract, which is a natural diet supplement that can help you lose weight safely and effectively. The main ingredient is hoodia, which has been clinically shown to help naturally curb the appetite.

Unlike with Provactin, the company is forthcoming with ingredients and clinical information on the product, and it has actually been shown to work. Best of all they offer a 100% money back guarantee, so you can try the product and see if it works for you.

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