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Proform Treadmill Reviews

Are these popular, lost-cost models worth the money?

When putting together our Proform treadmill reviews we took into account all of the advantages and disavantages, and tried not to let the low cost and wide availability influence our ratings.

However, compared to the dozens of other models we have reviewed offered by a variety of companies, the Proform treadmills just don't compare. The age-old expression "you get what you pay for" really does apply here, as we found that the workmanship, quality, ease of use and workout were all subpar.

Proform treadmills are manufactured by a company called Icon Fitness, and they are sold virtually everywhere from informercials to sporting good stores to big discount chains. All of the treadmills are so-called "budget-models", ranging in price from $399 for the most basic model to $1299 for the top model featuring a flat screen TV.

Proform Treadmill Reviews - How do they compare to competition?

When you put a Proform treadmill next to one of the better offerings from Smooth, Landice, Life Fitness and others, the difference in quality is apparent before you even step on the machine. It is obvious that the company cuts corners to keep the costs down, and it shows in the less than stellar construction.

In terms of usability, Proform treadmill ratings are also at the low end of the scale, as you are able to feel the difference as soon as you start your workout. The base supporting the belt does not offer the support found elsewhere. Controls tend to be confusing and the display is not as clear as you'd find on other models.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a quality machine, the Proform is not your best option. There are plenty of better choices.

Fitness Events Opinion & Recommendation:

A high quality treadmill will easily last you 10, 20, 30 years, perhaps more, so in our opinion it makes sense to buy a better model, even if it costs a little more. Better treadmills are made with better parts, so they are sturdier and won't break down as easily. Plus, they come with more features and options, allowing you to vary your workout, as well as better warranties and customer service.

Through our Proform review treadmill quality was subpar - the look, feel and quality of workout were uninspired, and pared in comparison to other models in the field.

If you absolutely cannot afford to spend more than $1299 for a treadmill, then go with their top model, because it is as close as you can get to a decent treadmill. However, due to the low overall Proform treadmill ratings, we believe you are much better off with a better model.

For more information on our top treadmill recommendations, just follow the link provided.

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