Shawn Bothen
Location Hamilton, Ontario
Competition experience:
2000 2nd open Men’s Middleweight-Musclemania Canada
2001 3rd open Men’s Middleweight-Musclemania Canada
2nd open Men’s Middleweight-Ontario Naturals
2002 1st open Men’s Middleweight & Over all Champion-New York State Naturals
4th open Men’s Middleweight-Musclemania Canada
2003 2nd open Men’s Middleweight-Musclemania Canada

Personal background:
Police Officer for over 15 years.
Married for 14 years.
2 children, Karley 8 & Mitchell 6 years old.

Owner of "Pro-Fit" Personal Training Services right here in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Weight Training for over 20 years.

Bachelor of Arts University Degree from McMaster University, Major in Psychology.
Two year College Honors Diploma from Seneca College, Major in Law Enforcement.

Magazine Coverage:
  • 2001 Multi page spread in "Exercise for Men" USA Publication.
  • 2002 Multi page Biography feature in "Pure Power Magazine".
  • 2002 TSN Interview that was late aired during a Musclemania Contest last year.
  • 2003 Multi page Biography feature in “Informer Magazine” (Police new magazine).
Photograph copyright
Michael Palmer Photography
For those wondering - no Shawn's backside is not on fire, it's just the stunning pyrotechnics he used during his routine at the Musclemania Canada contest.
At what age did you start weight training?
I started weight training back in High school. I must have been 15 years old. I originally started training to prepare for football season. Considering I was one of the smallest players on our team, I needed to acquire strength in order to keep up with the big boys. This must have worked because I went onto play for McMaster University for two years. At that age of 15 we did not have much money to go purchase fitness equipment or join a gym, so my best friend and I used to train in his basement using steel flywheels from cars. I remembered they weighed exactly 17 ½ pounds and fit nicely on the end of a barbell or dumbbell. The only problem we had with the flywheels was that they had sharp teeth, so getting cut was a regular event during our training. Today I have a large gym in my home where I operate a Personal Training business. I am confident that my clients appreciate the fact we don’t use flywheels in our training.

What motivated/encouraged you to compete?
What happened in 1999 was that a friend of mine, Rob Deluca; actually the same best friend that I used to get wounded with working out with flywheels in his basement, we decided to compete in a natural bodybuilding show. We relied on one another to reinforce the fact that we could compete with other natural athletes and hopefully not make fools out of ourselves on stage. We kept convincing each other that we had as good of a chance to do well in a natural show as anyone did. After all, we had been working out on and off since we were teenagers. Well, that is what we believed anyhow. Lucky, Rob and I had resources available to assist us in the tricks of contest preparation. I had recently moved into a new house that year, and who did I move in beside; Vaughn Maye, a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. Vaughn was a competitive bodybuilder years ago and he was more then receptive to assist me in preparing for my first show. This by the way was the 2000 Musclemania Canada show in Markham, Ontario. I took second place in that show. Not bad for my first attempt. That was the fate that occurred to convince me that I had no more excuses not to give the competing thing a try. 

What have you accomplished since you began competing? 
As a result of the four Musclemania contests I have competed in, I have been approached by photographers, agents and people wanting personal training because they were impressed with my appearance on stage. This was totally unexpected for me at my first show. After the prejudge in the 2000 show, A photographer spent a couple hours with me in the parking lot behind the Markham Theater taking all kinds of photographs. Here I was in a posing suit for the first time in my life, hitting all these poses in front of people who were in the park with their kids or walking the family dog. It was not what I expected. In saying that, it was fun. However, from that experience I began to feel more comfortable in past years with being approached by interested people who wanted to do business with me. As a result of the Musclemania Canada, I have people that look after my interests now. The publicity that I have received over the years have made my kids believe that their dad is famous. Too cute.

Anything else of interest? 
I have been a police officer for fifteen years. Presently, I work out of Oakville, Ontario, Canada with the Halton Regional Police Service. My primary role is that of an acting sergeant. However, unlike Ronnie Coleman I do not need as much help fitting into my uniform as he does. Not yet anyway. I am on uniform patrol mostly, but in the summer, I will ride the police motorcycles. So far in my policing career, I have done everything from taking to preschoolers about safety issues to repelling down from on top of a twenty-one story apartment building as a member of our Tactical Rescue Team (S.W.A.T).

In addition to being a full time policeman, husband and father of two, I also have a personal training business that I operate out of my home. Presently, I have fourteen clients. Half are competitive athletes while the others are simply into health and fitness. As much as I enjoy weight training, I particularity enjoy the results I get in watching others succeed.



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