Rosanna LoMonte
Location New York City
Weight  105 competition
115 off season
Height  5'1"
Age 24
Website none yet
Single, no children
Occupation: Advertising – Assistant Account Executive, and fitness model.

How old are you?
I turned 24 this past November. 

How long have you been competing in fitness competitions?
I started competing in April ’03 and competed in my second show this past October. 

What made you decide to start competing?
I was approached by a trainer in my gym who was a competitive body builder. He told me that he thought I had the “perfect body” for fitness / figure competing. 

What was it like to compete at a national event?
Hmmm, well, I’ll have to answer this one after I compete in FAME in Toronto this May. I am also planning on competing in the Bikini America competition November ’04.

How do you prepare for competitions?
My training is a combination of cardio, lifting heavy weights for my upper body and lighter weights with more reps for my legs. I’ve also started yoga for flexibility, continued my dance training and I’m learning specific drills to practice strength moves which I will need a fitness routine. I also practice walking and posing in heels. I keep up with a good nutrition plan eating every 2.5 to 3 hours and drinking lots of water. My protein intake is high and I eat moderate amounts of good carbs with lower fat intake from healthy sources like salmon and olive oil. 

Do you have a significant other- If so, how does he feel about competing and all of your photo shoots?
Yes! My boyfriend, Eric, and I will celebrate our 3-year anniversary together this March. He is very supportive of my choice to compete in fitness and figure. Being extremely confident he isn’t insecure about photo shoots or the fact that I compete on stage in a bikini. No matter how stressed or worried about an upcoming show I get he always makes me feel beautiful. 

What about the rest of your family- how do they feel about all this?
Well, my sisters are very supportive. In fact, my sister Denise was the one who actually pushed me to compete in my first show … I was so stage shy! My father has become more supportive and is doing his best to understand my nutritional needs. I’ve ran and weight trained since my early teens so the intense cardio sessions or trips to the gym don’t surprise him. My mom supports me because she believes in letting my sisters and I pursue our dreams but she doesn’t like to talk about it much. 

What are your plans for 2004?
I plan to compete in as many shows as possible. However, my main focus will be to prepare for the FAME Canada and Bikini America Pageant. If I can find sponsors, I will travel to other shows as well. I can be contacted for sponsorship through my e-mail: rosannalomonte @ 



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