Holly Wilbur
Location Massachusetts
Weight  105 competition
110 off season
Height  5'2"
Age 33
Married, no children
Occupation: fitness model, personal trainer, physical therapist
Accomplishments: Former New England patriots and Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, Placed top 25 at 2003 Fitness Canada Pageant, Placed top 20 at 2003 Bikini Universe Pageant

How old are you?
Well, that’s a personal question (just kidding). Actually, I just turned 33.

How long have you been competing in fitness competitions?
I started competing this year in April. I did a total of 6 competitions from April to November. Most memorable were the Fitness Universe and Fitness America pageants.

What made you decide to start competing?
In 1998, I cheered for the New England Patriots then in 2000 I cheered for the Philadelphia Eagles. I really missed performing and the friendships that I made while cheering. I thought about fitness competitions in the past but was so busy pursuing other interests that I never followed through with it. Finally, one day after seeing a Fitness America Pageant on ESPN, it sparked my interest again and I decided the time was right to “go for it”.

What was it like to compete at a national event?
Competing at the Fitness America nationals was an incredible experience. I actually only competed in the Bikini and Model America events. I took some time off after the Fitness Canada Pageant and decided that I wouldn’t be ready to perform my routine at Nationals. However, I really enjoyed competing in Miss Bikini America. I was even able to enjoy myself a little more without the pressure of having to perform a routine. I watched the Fitness Pageant and was amazed by the level of talent this year. I definitely would not have wanted to be a judge. Everyone was so good!

How do you prepare for competitions?
My training is a combination of cardio, lifting weights, stretching/yoga for flexibility, and specific drills to practice strength moves. I also practice my routine and walking and posing in heels. I keep up with a good nutrition plan eating every 3 hours and drinking lots of water. My protein intake is high and I eat moderate amounts of good carbs with lower fat intake from healthy sources like salmon and olive oil. 

How did you meet Michael Palmer?
Michael and I actually met in Toronto at the Fitness Canada Pageant. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the opportunity to work with each other there. When I found out I was going to Nationals, I sent Michael an email and we made arrangements to have a shoot.

What was it like to shoot with Michael?
We had a lot of fun during the shoot. We were taking photos for an online calendar coming out for 2004. It was pretty funny because the hotel manager was more than a bit nervous having a bunch of women on the hotel grounds posing in thong bikinis. Michael and I were shooting at the hotel golf course for a bit and the manager came running out to redirect us to another location. Michael also grabbed me for a second shoot just before I left the hotel for the airport! It was a gorgeous day so we utilized the pool for a bit. It was a great way to end my trip! 

Do you have a significant other- If so, how does he feel about competing and all of your photo shoots?
Dave, my husband, is extremely supportive of all my endeavours. He was actually the one who helped encourage me to compete this year. He puts up with me day in and day out, even when I am crabby because I am tired from being so busy or because I want to eat chocolate and can’t have it. He helps me make decisions about my training and nutrition plan and is brutally honest about how I look. If he feels that I am not in the best shape I can be, he lets me know- but in a very constructive and loving way. He has no problem with me doing photo shoots. He is a secure person and wants to see me pursue my dreams and goals. 

What about the rest of your family- how do they feel about all this?
My brother and father are pretty supportive. My mother doesn’t understand it. I think she wishes that I was more relaxed when I visit her. I can’t just go to the mall for 6 hours- It always involves lugging my mini cooler and gallon of water so I can stick to my plan. And, I either have to hit the gym before or after we do something together. I think she feels like my whole life revolves around fitness. When you are preparing for a competition, it kind of has to!

What are your plans for 2004?
I plan to compete in as many shows as possible. However, my main focus will be to prepare for the FAME Canada and Fitness Universe Pageant. If I can find sponsors, I will travel to other shows as well. I can be contacted for sponsorship through my website at hollywilbur.com.


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