Powerblock Dumbbells
BigFitness offers Powerblock Dumbbells, storage stands and weight benches at the lowest prices.
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Home Powerblock Dumbbells

Powerblock Dumbbells

The perfect space-saving solution for your home g-ym needs.

Powerblock dumbbells have become quite popular since their introduction several yers ago, due to the fact that they provide an effective solution for those with limited space in their homes.

For those of you who are not familiar with these dumbbells Powerblock is a single adjustable weight system allowing you to change dumbbell weights with a selector pin similar to that used in a stack machine.

So instead of having separate 5s, 10s, 20s and all the way up, you have just one set of comfortable, balanced dummbells that can be easily alternated between weights.

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PowerBlock Personal Dumbbell Set

In addition to saving space by not having extra equipment, you also save a lot of money not having to buy more weight. Powerblock dumbells are reasonably priced, easy to use and can provide the same workout motion that you are used to.

Sure, they certainly look odd at first. After all, they are square, not the usual rounded ends you are used to seeing at the gym. But the dumbbells Powerblock manufactures are compact, with the weight closer to the center so that they are easy to balance during your set.

The Powerblock adjustable dumbbells are also available with a special storage stand and a bench you could use, although if you already have a bench you can certainly use that one.

Several members of our staff have Powerblock dumbbells at home and they are quite satisfied with them. The space and money saving aspects are reason alone to purchase them, but they say that they offer a nearly identical workout to regular dumbbells, and don't take long to get used to.

If you decide to try the Powerblock dumbell system, we're anxious to hear your feedback...let us know how they work for you!

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