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Bikini America Pageant - Tall Class
14th November 2003
Redondo Beach, California
1st - Katie Uter
2nd - Margaret Diabaldo
3rd - Melissa Hall
4th - Elyzabeth Tangas
5th - Sheri McCall
6th - Christina Hanson
7th - Elizabeth Anderson
8th - Amanda Latona
9th - Tricia Hoyt
9h - Kimberly Philips
11h - Chastity Hester
Bikini America Pageant - Short Class
14th November 2003
Redondo Beach, California
1st - Mishook Issa
2nd - Yolanda Dixon
3rd - Maria Kang
4th - Keri Bourg
5th - Lia Montelongo
6th - Katherine Fehringer
7th - Toneha Pires
8th - Gina Germano
9th - Jennifer Zuba
10th - Nicole Ferreria













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