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Phentermine Diet Pills

Do you need a prescription drug to help you lose weight?

Sold in the United States since 1959, phentermine diet pills are the most commonly prescribed appetite suppressant in the United States - accounting for a whopping 50% of all prescription weight loss drugs. However, if you're looking for a diet supplement with a proven track record, it may not be the right choice for you.

Although Phentermine has been in use since the late 50's, no tests have ever been performed to determine its effectiveness in the weight loss battle. Why? Phentermine emerged on the diet scene before efficacy tests were even thought of. Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has performed some basic tests on the effectiveness of diet pills states, "...those who took the drugs lost more weight on average than those who took a placebo. The amount of weight lost varied but tended to be a loss of a fraction of a pound more per week."

Bottom line? Older isn't necessarily better. Being the grandfather of the diet industry has allowed Phentermine diet pills to remain popular without the drugmaker ever having to prove that the medication actually works.

In even the best-case scenario (provided by the FDA), users can only hope to lose a fraction of a pound extra by using Phentermine. What they can count on, though, are an endless list of potential Phentermine side effects. While some are typical of many diet supplements - dizziness, nausea, irregular heartbeat, nervousness, and insomnia - others are not.

For example, if you plan on driving your car, be careful. Phentermine can affect your ability to drive or operate heavy machinery, and the manufacturer recommends that you see how the medication affects you before attempting to do so. And what if you decide to quit Phentermine? Better do so slowly. It can be quite addictive, causing you to crave Phentermine diet pills even after they have served their purpose. Worse yet, if you decide to quit "cold turkey," withdrawal symptoms are a definite possibility. Truly, Phentermine side effects can last long after you've thrown away your last empty bottle of pills.

Many dieters ask the question: How does Phentermine work? By understanding the manner in which it (supposedly) works, you can easily understand where its potent side effects originate.

According to their website, "Phentermine works by stimulating the hypothalamus gland and affecting certain neurotransmitters to decrease appetite. The hypothalamus is the region of the brain that controls the autonomic nervous system, regulating sleep cycles, body temperature, appetite, etc."

Basically, Phentermine is a sympathomimetic amine, which is very similar to an amphetamine. It stimulates the central nervous system, thereby increasing your heart rate and blood pressure, while supposedly decreasing your appetite. No wonder, then, that Phentermine diet pills can wreak such havoc on the body! It attempts to control the one organ that regulates everything-the brain!

With nothing to support its claims of weight loss other than a long history of use, Phentermine offers very little to its users other than unsubstantiated claims and a long list of side effects. While they might be some of the least expensive on the market, their side effects and addictive qualities make the cost of this supplement too high.

Is there a natural alternative to Phentermine pills?

After finding out how does Phentermine work, many dieters wonder if a natural alternative might be a better option. The fact that efficacy is not substantiated, it acts as an amphetamine, and is therefore addictive, a natural supplement is a much more appealing option for a growing number of people.

There are a number of natural weight loss supplements on the market these days. Although not all of them are created equal, there are some that have been shown to help promote weight loss safely and effectively, without the potential Phentermine side effects and those of similar medications.

One of the most promising new diet supplements is called Hoodia Gordonii Plus, a safe, effective weight loss product that can help you lose weight in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program.

The active ingredient, P57, has been shown to suppress appetite in clinical studies, and the hoodia plant has been used for centuries to stave off hunger. Unlike with Phentermine diet pills, it contains all natural ingredients proven to help you shed the extra pounds.

Consult your doctor and ask how does Phentermine work and is it right for me? He or she will be able to determine if a prescription drug is right for you or if you should try a natural alternative to help you lose weight.

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