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NV Diet Pill

Can this weight loss supplement make you beautiful?

The NV diet pill is the latest in a series of products seemigly aimed at insecure and gullible women. There seems to be no limit to the amount of unsubtantiated hype greedy marketers are willing to spew to make millions of dollars before everyone realizes the products don't work. But is this product different? Perhaps.

The makers of NV weight loss pills take it one step further than most products targetting women...they promise: "A slimmer, sleeker, more sultry body. Thick hair that shines. Skin that glows. Strong, glamorous nails." Wow! We can all look like Carmen Electra (now Holly Madison) simply by taking this magical weight loss/beauty pill! Well, that may be a stretch, but let's take a closer look.

NV Diet Pill Review

Unlike most of the new weight loss offerings, there is some clinical evidence to back up some of the claims made by the manufacturers of NV. There are some ingredients that have been shown to be beneficial, but none within the "3 exclusive complexes" are anything special or unique, and there may not be enough of any one ingredient to provide any benefits at all.

Let's start with the NV weight loss complex: It consists of green tea, hoodia gordonii and theobromine. Although the first two ingredients have shown promise in promoting weight loss, they do not reveal how much of each of these ingredients are present in the formula. And at only 267 mg for all three, it's obviously not much. Also, if it's mostly theobromine, a stimulant similar to caffeine, then this NV weight loss complex is worthless.

The two other complexes, Energy and Beauty, are hardly worth discussing, as they make up only 22 mg and 11mg, or barely 1%, of the total NV diet pill. So even though they have some decent extracts, they are present in too small doses to have any effect at all.

**2012 UPDATE**
There are new formulations and new ingredients, and they both appear to be a great improvement upon initial inspection. There are now two versions, regular and caffeine-free. The weight loss complex now contains Indian Sphaeranthus and Mangosteen and the superfruit complex has cranberry, bilberry, litchi, turmeric, grape seed, goji and pomegranate. We will be looking a little deeper but it seems promising.

So are the NV Diet Pills Worth the Money?

With two new weight loss ingredients present in 400 mg amounts, we think the current $40 price tag may be worth it. We don't believe you will achieve "rapid weight loss" as promised (never mind the fact that losing weight fast is quite dangerous to your health), but it may be helpful.

As far as beauty and energy, the 309mg of superfruit ingredients may boost energy, but we doubt the NV diet aid will have any significant "beautifying" effect whatsoever.

In our opinion you are probably better off with NV than many others weight loss supplements, as NV diet pills have the ingredients necessary to provide significant benefits.

Is there an official site where I can buy NV Diet Pills?

Through our extensive research, it has become quite apparent that NV weight loss pills might be the diet/beauty supplements the manufacturer claims them to be. It's apparently not just another heavily-marketed product with a celebrity spokesperson hoping to trick millions of women with low self esteem into buying it.

We believe that as long as you combine it with a balanced diet and exercise, you will achieve good results with a safe, natural alternative with proven ingredients, one that can help increase metabolism, curb your appetite and decrease fat deposits.

You can purchase it directly from the official NV Diet site, which offers the natural dietary supplement that can help you lose weight safely and effectively. The active ingredients have been shown to suppress appetite in clinical studies, and the superfruit complex has been used for centuries to stave off hunger and improve health.

We've learned from our research that there is no such thing as a miracle weight loss supplement, and that your best bet is to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen in order to see substantial results. For those looking for a little extra help to shed excess pounds, our NV weight loss review reveals that it will probably be effective.

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