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NO2 Hemodilator

Can NO2 supplements really offer the gains they claim to?

One of the latest bodybuilding supplements, the NO2 Hemodilator, was introduced by the same individual who first brought us creatine (Ed Byrd). We all know how popular that one became, so naturally there is tremendous buzz surrouding NO2 supplements.

These are nitric oxide supplements, and the manufacturer makes some pretty bold claims about the results you'll achieve: huge muscle gains, extended "pumps", speedy recovery and increased strength.

Here is a brief overview of how NO2 supplements supposedly work: Normally, nitric oxide is released for a brief time during exercise when muscles contract, causing hemodilation (expanding of blood vessels) which gives you that temporary pump.

The new NO2 Hemodilator is purportedly an "extended release delivery" nitric oxide supplement, with continuous production of NO2 and therefore a lasting muscle pump. Since the blood vessels are forced to remain open, supposedly more nutrients and oxygen can be delivered to your muscles facilitating growth and strength.

Are there any NO2 Side Effects?

Our intitial NO2 review has not yielded any significant side effects experienced by users. However some people have reported mild NO2 side effects such as stomach disorders and cramps.

Make sure you stick to recommended dosages and consult with your physician before taking NO2 Hemodilator or and other muscle building supplement.

NO2 Supplements - Summary

All of the information we have read so far sounds quite interesting, yet it's important to note that there is not a lot of scientific evidence to support the many claims. Hopefully there will be more studies conducted to prove the efficacy of MRI NO2 Hemodilator and similar nitric oxide supplements, but for now all of the evidence is anecdotal.

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