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Kary Odiatu moving to Toronto

IFBB PRO Kary Odiatu and her husband Uche have resolved to kick-start Canadian's fitness habits in 2004!

Yes, Kary and Uche are relocating to Toronto, Canada - one of the biggest cities in North America. The authors of the book: Fit For the Love of It! plan to take Toronto by storm and share their message of "fitness for a lifetime" with the masses. They say that most people already know the "how's" and "why's" when it comes to fitness, but they do not TAKE ACTION!  Kary and Uche offer powerful reasons and simple strategies to help everyone get started - TODAY, NOT TOMORROW!

Watch for them on National and local media early in the New Year!

Check their websites early in 2004 for some exciting new updates and information! 



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