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First pro twins in IFBB

The "Fitness Twins", Natalie Montgomery-Carroll and Adria Montgomery-Klein are the first sisters and even closer than that, twin sisters, to turn pro in the IFBB Fitness Pros ranks. They both stand at 5'9 and 145 lbs ~ These two are definitely double trouble!

The Fitness Twins will be on stage together at the JAN TANA CLASSIC 2003 together for the first time ever! On August 14-15 there will never be a closer comparison of bodies, with these two being TWINS the physique rounds should be very interesting. Audience members will get the chance to see if they can tell the difference in the two finely sculpted physiques ~ Who will fare better this year on the Pro circuit between the Fitness Twins, we will have to wait and see on Aug. 14-15, 2003. 

Adria Montgomery-Klein turned pro at the 2002 NPC USA Finals in Las Vegas last year. Adria did not feel that was her best showing and had already made the decision to go to New York for the Team Universe 2002 competition in hopes of making it the Women's World Competition in the Czech Republic. She did just that taking home the Tall Class and the Overall Titles in the Team Universe. In Czech (Bruno to be exact) Adria placed 6th in the Fitness overall, helping the USA team make their 5th placing out of 31 different countries. 

Adria did just what she had set to do to catch up with twin sister, Natalie in the IFBB Fitness Pro's. Natalie turned pro at her second NPC show ever, being the 2001 NPC Nationals Tall Class. She wasted no time in preparing for her dream of competing on the Pro Fitness Stage. She made her pro debut at the JAN TANA Classic 2002 where she placed 12th overall and took 6th in the both the routine rounds. Natalie also had a good showing at the GNC/Physical Show of Strength placing 11th, just shy of the top ten. The twins are dreaming of competing in the GNC Show of Strength this season which is to be held in Atlanta, GA, so that many fans from Birmingham and the surrounding south can catch these two in action.

The Two promise some outstanding, fun performances this August at the JAN TANA Classic and it will be history in the making. Don't miss it! The Fitness Twins represent Birmingham, AL ~ as America already knows as 205. 

You can catch more on the Fitness Twins at their website : WWW.FITNESSTWINS.COM

You can contact the Fitness Twins at: [email protected]
You can contact the Fitness Twins at: 205-410-5611 phone w/ voice mail


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