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FAP Announces Co-Champions

21st December 2003

It is with great dismay that we announce that the official scores at the recent '03 Fitness America Pageant in Redondo Beach were not tabulated correctly and, subsequently, the original final results are incorrect. Although the official judges' process was performed professionally and with integrity, the tabulation process was mistakenly scored. According to FUP and FAP rules, the Fitness Round and Swimsuit Round are each scored at 40% and the Interview Round among the Top 5 Finalists at 20%. However, at FAP, the Fitness Round and Swimsuit Round scores were incorrectly combined and then scored cumulatively at 80%. As a result according to the 40/40/20 method, Valerie Brown-Stephens is the official '03 FAP Champion. Also, Allison Ethier moves into Second Place. The remaining Top 20 Finalists are not affected.

Because the 80/20 method was used at the competition and in respect of all competitors, Natalie Hunt will be recognized as Co-Champion with Valerie and both ladies will be promoted as equal winners and receive the same prizes. All television show broadcasts will be edited accordingly as well as press releases and permanent FAP records will reflect that both ladies share the '03 FAP title.

To prevent this and any other kind of scoring, tabulation and/or custody of judging process from ever happening again, all FUP and FAP national and international judging procedures will be managed by a professional accounting firm in each event city. Also, beginning with the 2004 season, all major events will become completely computerized and automated with custody of the scores remaining in the sole possession and responsibility of the accounting firm throughout the event until the official results are posted. We are confident that these procedures will help to ensure efficient, reliable and secure scoring and tabulation.

As the producer of the Fitness America Pageant, Louis Zwick has assumed full responsibility of this serious mistake and has personally called each of the Top 5 Finalists to apologize, explained how it occurred and the new procedures for all future events. "It is so very important that each contestant has complete faith in the judging and scoring system", stated Zwick. "This (error) never should have occurred and we are committed to making certain the integrity of Fitness America and Fitness Universe is held in high regard. These ladies give their heart and soul to compete, make incredible personal, financial and professional sacrifices to be part of the shows and we owe it to them to operate a first class event with a flawless judging system."

Complete results are posted at Results.

For more information please visit the Fitness America website.



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