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MiracleBurn Review

Not quite the weight loss formula it claims to be

If you're considering using MiracleBurn review the facts first. While the MiracleBurn diet pill may claim to provide unbelievable weight loss results, the only true miracle is the ability of its manufacturer to produce grandiose claims based only on a conglomeration of questionable - and unproven - ingredients.

According to a Miracle Burn review (written by the manufacturer, of course), "Miracleburn uses Advantra Z, the only patented form of Bitter Orange that is proven to be AS EFFECTIVE as Ephedra in weight loss, without the dangerous side effects."

This would be a fine statement to make, IF the MiracleBurn diet pill had ever been part of a documented study to prove such a claim. First, the effectiveness of bitter orange has yet to be determined. As of today, much controversy exists in the diet industry as to whether or not it even works at all. In addition, to say that bitter orange is "AS EFFECTIVE" as ephedra is to assume that the effectiveness of ephedra has been proven - which it hasn't.

That isn't to say, however, that bitter orange is without some benefits - if only small and virtually unproven. Historically, it has been used to suppress appetite and speed up the metabolism. It does bear some similarities to ephedrine, since the compounds are similar in structure. As a result, they also share some similar side effects, including chest tightness, sweating, nausea and vomiting, weakness or lightheadedness and sensitivity to the sun.

The next ingredient in the MiracleBurn review touted as a weight-loss wonder is apple cider vinegar. No longer is vinegar limited to the confines of salad dressings and pickle marinade. No, according to the MiracleBurn diet pill, apple cider vinegar can melt unwanted fat right off your body (oil and vinegar, anyone?). Sound too crazy to be true? Read for yourself. According to the Miracleburn review, apple cider vinegar:

"Contains an acidity content that literally eats away at your bodyƕs fat cells. It also contains properties that lower your cholesterol levels, which enable the fat to be burned quicker and more easily. The fat is transformed into energy."

Not only is this statement unproven, it borders on being blatantly false. First, the only thing that can burn fat is exercise, period. Second, statements such as the one by the MiracleBurn diet pill have proven so outrageous that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has begun a campaign to end such false allegations.

Is there a more effective alternative to MiracleBurn?

Our MiracleBurn review reveals a product making outrageous claims, an immediate red flag, as well as one with subpar, unproven ingredients. As such it will probably have very little effect as a supplement to your diet and exercise program.

As such, you are probably better off with a safe, natural alternative with proven ingredients, one that can help increase metabolism, suppress appetite and promote weight loss.

We have experienced tremendous success with Hoodia Gordonii Plus, which is a natural dietary supplement that can help you lose weight safely and effectively. The active ingredient, P57, has been shown to suppress appetite in clinical studies, and the plant has been used for centuries to stave off hunger. Unlike with Miracle Burn, this product actually contains ingredients that have been proven to work, without the misleading claims.

Despite the claims of MiracleBurn, there are no miracle weight loss supplements. You will only achieve significant results with a healthy diet and exercise program. For those looking for a little help, our MiracleBurn review shows that this supplement will probably be ineffective, but an alternative diet pill might be a better option for you.

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