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Lipoxinol Information - Lipoxinol Reviews

Lipoxinol Information

The "triple mechanism" not much of a triple thr

Lipoxinol information abounds all over the internet, leaving many potential dieters feeling confused and overwhelmed by the massive amounts of sometimes divergent Lipoxinol data. However, you need not be confused when determining whether or not to use this diet supplement as part of your regimen.

Our Lipoxinol reviews show that much of the info out there is limited and misleading, at best, forcing customers to take a leap of faith when purchasing it sight-unseen. For example, the makers of Lipoxinol make it difficult by not listing exact ingredient amounts in their product.

Despite some confusion, there is no secret to how Lipoxinol is supposed to work. According to the Lipoxinol information provided by the manufacturer, it utilizes a "Triple Mechanism" to attack weight loss by:
  • Controlling the appetite
  • Burning fat through thermogenics
  • Supporting thyroid function
However, the three main ingredients in Lipoxinol may not actually live up to the spectacular triple play the manufacturer promises, which becomes evident when reading Lipoxinol reviews and testimonials on message boards across the Internet.

Lets review them here:

Fiberzide - Comprised of glucomannan and xanthan gum, this is the ingredient that is supposed to suppress appetite. Since glucomannan can absorb up to 200 times its weight in water, it can swell up enough in the stomach to relieve hunger pains. However, some concern has arisen over whether or not glucomannan blocks the absorption of vital vitamins and minerals. In addition, glucomannan could potentially block the absorption of the other two ingredients in Lipoxinol, making them useless in their ability to function.

Thermazene - Made of green tea, caffeine, forslean, vinpocetine and bioperine, thermazene relies on thermogenics (or fat burning) for its punch. Out of these ingredients, only green tea is proven to increase the metabolism to any significant extent. Despite that, green tea is only proven to increase metabolism by up to 4%--burning only 100 more calories a day for the average dieter.

Thyrotrem - As the component that offers thyroid support, thyrotrem is comprised of guggulsterones (a tree resin from India), sclareolide (which supposedly raises thyroid levels), and kelp. Out of these three ingredients, only kelp is proven to really support the thyroid, as it contains iodine (a necessary nutrient for thyroid function). However, this may not necessarily be a good thing, as too much iodine can actually hurt the thyroid. Think this doesn't apply to you? If you eat any products with salt in them, chances are they are enriched with iodine. Eat too many other products with iodine, and you put your thyroid function at risk - which is not the desired result.

In addition, don't forget that while the thermazene and thyrotrem blends might add negligible benefits those could potentially be absorbed or blocked by the glucomannan. Simply put, if one ingredient "eats" the others, then what good are they? If you thought finding comprehensive Lipoxinol information was confusing and misleading, this is even more so!

Lipoxinol Reviews - Is it worth trying?

We're always wary of products with "proprietary blends", as they are more often than not fancy trademarked names with questionable, unproven ingredients. Also, there's no way to tell how much of each ingredient is actually in the product. e.g. green tea is helpful, but does it comprise most of the Thermazene blend or just a very small percentage? There's no way to tell.

It's difficult to gauge whether or not the supplement will work or not given the lack of concrete Lipoxinol information. Add to that the mostly unfavorable testimonials, and we believe you are probably better off with a more effective weight loss product.

One of the most promising new diet supplements is Hoodia Gordonii Plus, a safe, effective weight loss supplement that can help you lose weight in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program.

The active ingredient, P57, has been shown to suppress appetite in clinical studies, and the hoodia plant has been used for centuries to stave off hunger. Where Lipoxinol information is lacking, the ingredients in this product are clearly outlined and proven to work.

Our own Lipoxinol reviews showed that the triple mechanism appears to be more of a marketing ploy than an effective weight loss combination, so if you are looking for a little help to shed excess pounds, look for a more effective supplement, with more product information available.

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