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LifeFitness Treadmill Reviews

A little too expensive for home users

Without a doubt, anyone who purchases a LifeFitness treadmill is stepping onto one of the highest-quality machines in the fitness industry. With their superior construction, unbeatable warranties, and comfortable ride, they offer customers a potential lifetime of physical fitness right at their fingertips. Good quality comes at a price, though, and Life Fitness treadmills are no exception.

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of the LifeFitness treadmill is its motor. Featuring the MagnaDrive Motor System, these exercise units are quiet, smooth, and smart. Unlike other motors, the MagnaDrive communicates with the console and automatically adjusts power based on your weight. No matter what your weight or exercise level, this motor is bound to stand up to even the most strenuous workout.

And it's no wonder, as each treadmill series is designed and tested by runners to ensure superior performance. If you're tired of pounding away on a hard-as-bricks treadmill, you won't be disappointed with Life Fitness's patented FlexDeck Shock Absorption System. Compared to other systems, Life Fitness treadmills reduce impact to the knees, back, and joints by 30%. Do you like your treadmill ride to be more flexibleƑor more rigid? You now have a choice. With a Lifefitness treadmill, exercisers can adjust the flexibility by adding or removing Lifespring shock absorbers.

As if having an adjustable running deck wasn't enough, Life Fitness treadmills (T3i, T5i, T7i, T9i, and T9e) also come with additional training programs and heart rate monitors. Looking for hand sensors? You can find these on the T9i and the T9e. If you want to maintain your target heart rate, simply set your machine to a heart rate program, and the incline will automatically adjust without you having to.

The LifeFitness treadmill warranty is one of the best in the industry, offering consumers the peace of mind that should come with purchasing a high dollar piece of equipment. All treadmills come with a lifetime warranty on frame and shock absorbers, fifteen years on the motor, three year's warranty on all electrical and mechanical parts, and a one-year labor warranty. Still not impressed? The Life Fitness T9 treadmill goes even further, offering a lifetime warranty on the motor and ten years on all electrical and warranty parts.

Fitness Events Opinion & Recommendation:

Any LifeFitness treadmill will, without question, offer a lifetime of maintenance-free, dependable performance. But this kind of quality isn't cheap. Starting at around $2,000, these treadmills can cost up to $6,000 - leaving many weekend warriors long on dreams and short on change. This is why you will see these machines in many commercial gyms, but few homes.

But, if you can afford the bill, the Life Fitness treadmill is well worth the price. Life Fitness strives to, " a treadmill that people would want to use instead of running outside, even if weather conditions were perfect." If nothing else, the quality of their treadmills proves this.

If you're looking for a very high quality treadmill without the steep price tag, we recommend Smooth Treadmills, a line of top-rated, affordable treadmills with outstanding workmanship and excellent customer service.

Again, if money is no object, then you really can't go wrong with Life Fitness treadmills, but if it is, try out a Smooth won't be disappointed!

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