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Firm Exercise Videos

Does the Firm Workout Series offer an effective exercise and weight loss program?

The Firm Exercise Videos have been extremely popular since the first one was released several years ago. The Firm Workout Series seems to improve with each new offering, with new exercise programs and extras included.

There are a variety of options available: you can purchase just the videos (or DVD versions) - all series have three workout programs: cardio, sculpting and aerobic weight training, with or without abdominals included. The workouts are all approximately an hour, some less.

You can also purchase the Firm Exercise Videos with extras that you can use for the workouts, including the 3-in-1 Firm Sculpting Stick for toning, as well as a 3-in-1 Fanny Lifter which is an adjustable step platform to work out on. Training guides and supplements are often included as bonuses as well with the Firm Workout Series.

Costs for the Firm Exercise Program range from $19.99 for just the videos to $69.99 for the videos and all of the equipment and extras.

The Firm Exercise Videos - Are they worth the money?

We've extensively reviewed each installment of the Firm Workout Series and have concluded that they do offer very effective exercise routines and programs. You can definitely get into shape, lose weight and tone muscles with these workouts, as well as learn a lot about how to exercise effectively.

We would recommend you get the videos along with the Firm Sculpting Stick and other training tools as your workouts will be that much more effective.

If you are interested in the Firm Exercise Program, you can purchase the Complete First Firm Workout Series or the Complete Second Firm Workout Series.

If you've had any positive or negative experiences with the Firm Exercise Videos, drop us a line and we will add your comments in our next review.

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