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Elliptical Trainer Reviews

What are the best elliptical exercise machines on the market?

Our elliptical trainer reviews reveal that not all machines are created equal, and it is important to select one that suits your particular needs.

Elliptical exercise machines are gaining in popularity, as they offer a no-impact alternative to treadmills without having to sacrifice workout intensity. And with the advent of handlebars in 1997, they now offer a complete, effective arm and leg workout.

For our elliptical review we researched dozens of elliptical trainers on the market, and compared quality, usability, pricing, craftsmanship as well as effectiveness of workout, smoothness of motion and noise levels.

Putting all of these ratings together with a few intangibles, we have arrived at our recommendations for the very best elliptical exercise machines on the market.

Following are the results of our elliptical trainer reviews:

Fitness Events Top Recommendation

Smooth CE Elliptical Trainers - Top honors go to these incredible elliptical manufactured by SmoothFitness, the company that first introduced the total body (arms and legs) elliptical machine.

The main benefit here is a 3-1 ratio of lower body resistance to upper body resistance, matching the body's normal muscle mass ratio. This ensures that the body will fatigue equally (all four limbs) over time, as opposed to other machines where your arms will be strained well before your legs.

Other advantages of the Smooth CE Elliptical Trainer: smoothest motion with 48-lb flywheel, multi-feature LCD display, adjustable foot pedals, extremely quiet, seven programs, transport rollers, comprehensive warranty.

Elliptical Trainer Reviews: Also Recommended

Smooth DMT and Agile Elliptical Trainers - Another very high quality elliptical exercise machine with fewer features than our top recommendation, the Smooth CE elliptical, but the same high quality, sturdy finish and maximum usability. Either SmoothFitness model is a great choice, and these have adjustable motion if that appeals to you.

Our elliptical reviews revealed that LiveStrong LS13.0E is a leading provider of top-quality exercise machines, and this is their best, hands down. It offers 21 levels of power, a 30-lb flywheel, a long 20-inch stride a a great natural motion.

With all the bells and whistles, the LiveStrong E1x elliptical exercise machine is a great choice, albeit a pricey one. It features one of the most mechanically correct motions, tons of unique programs, constant heart monitoring, sturdy construction, entertainment ports and detailed readouts.

Our elliptical trainer reviews are ongoing, and we will continue to update our recommendations. Although these are our top choices, there are many other high quality elliptical exercise machines on the market.

If you are interested in purchasing an elliptical trainer, we strongly recommend Smooth Fitness and LiveStrong for the widest selection and best prices for elliptical exercise machines.

If you've found an elliptical you'd like to recommend, just send us an email and we'll include your comments in our elliptical reviews update.

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