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Eliptical Trainers

Are Eliptical Machines an Effective Alternative to Treadmills?

For many people, eliptical trainers have become the exercise equipment of choice either for their home or when they visit their local gym. Although treadmills still eclipse them in popularity, more and more people are realizing that they can get just as intense and productive a workout.

Eliptical exercise machines offer many benefits to you. Following are a few advantages they offer over treadmills.

1. There is no impact with the eliptical motion. Therefore it is much easier on the joints, and is ideal for anyone with back, knee or hip problems.

2. It is a very efficient workout, i.e. you can work your arms and legs at the same time with most of these machines (those built after 1997).

3. In terms of home usage, it uses less power and experiences less wear and tear, saving you money. It also takes up a lot less room than a treadmill, saving you valuable floor space.

If you are interested in purchasing an eliptical exercise machine, we recommend Bowflex eliptical trainers, offering a wide selection of high-quality eliptical trainers at discount prices.

How to choose the perfect eliptical machine

1. Before you buy, carefully measure the area you intend to put the machine, and make sure the eliptical machine dimensions fit these specifications.

2. Look for machines with different workout programs so that you can vary your training, and adjustable electronic resistance.

3. Note that user weight and height are important, and make sure you choose an eliptical trainer that can accommodate your size, ensuring usability and eliminating added wear and tear.

4. If you plan on moving the equipment from room to room, opt for a less heavy unit with transport wheels.

5. Make sure the machine offers a full stride, or maximum range of motion.

These are just introductory tips, there are other things to consider when purchasing an eliptical exercise machine. Generally speaking you can't go wrong with Bowflex, Precor, Tunturi and LifeFitness eliptical trainers.

If you have had success with a certain piece of exercise equipment, let us know and we'll feature it on our site.

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