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Does Dexatrim Work?

Our experts put this popular weight loss supplement to the test

Does Dexatrim work? That's a question that dieters have been asking for quite some time. Despite its long run in the diet industry, little has been proven regarding the overall effectiveness of Dexatrim. The side effects, however, are well known and easy to anticipate for those considering using this weight loss product.

For over 25 years, Dexatrim has purportedly offered tens of thousands of dieters a much-needed edge to meet their weight-loss goals and is considered an "old timer" in the diet supplement market. Today, Dexatrim offers a product line of various diet pills to suit all types of dieters. These include Dexatrim Results, Ephedrine Free, No Caffeine and Green Tea varieties.

Despite the different names, each product is comprised of very similar base formulas, with ingredients added or subtracted based on the formulation. For example, green tea is added to Dexatrim Natural Green Tea, while Dexatrim Natural No Caffeine is the same as the Ephedrine Free variety...minus caffeine. However, the main driving ingredient in Dexatrim seems to be phenylpropanolamine (PPA), which is also commonly used to treat nasal congestion associated with colds, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses.

To answer the question does Dexatrim work let's take a look at the other ingredients. In addition to PPA, Dexatrim products also contain small amounts of calcium, blood sugar regulators, green tea, guarana, kola nut, added caffeine, bitter orange, and synephrine. While the blood sugar regulators (supposedly) can help regulate appetite, and the bitter orange may help burn a small amount of fat, it's the green tea that offers the most hope for dieters.

Green tea is the only noted ingredient proven to help suppress the appetite and increase metabolism without nasty side effects. However, anyone can benefit from the weight loss benefits and save money by merely drinking green tea - thereby avoiding any potential Dexatrim side effects.

Speaking of which, before you consider, Does Dexatrim work? make sure that you understand the ramifications of taking a supplement containing PPA. While PPA may be safe overall, it can contribute to Dexatrim side effects and make taking other medications at the same time riskier.

For example, PPA is not recommended for use with other stimulants or decongestants. Got a cold? Taking your cold tablets in conjunction with Dexatrim may not be a good idea. In addition, certain antidepressants - and even ibuprofen - could have negative interactions when mixed with the PPA in Dexatrim. Indeed, PPA does have certain specific side effects, as does Dexatrim. Dizziness, nausea, high blood pressure, and depression are just a few of the possible side effects for Dexatrim users.

**2012 UPDATE** Dexatrim currently offers 4 products: Dexatrim Max Complex 7, Max Daytime Appetite Control, Natural Green Tea and Extra Energy. They have removed the controversial PPA from all formulas, yet there is still little scientific evidence supporting claims of efficacy.

Is Dexatrim Worth Trying?

For those wondering, Does Dexatrim work? the answer is a very definite "Maybe." While the blood sugar regulators, bitter orange, and green tea offer some definite advantages to dieters, they may prove too little for those seeking a weight loss magic bullet.

Dexatrim may be helpful, but it is not necessarily the only answer to successful weight loss. Nor do potential Dexatrim side effects seem to make its minimal effectiveness worthwhile. Overall, anyone with a PPA decongestant and a cup of green tea could probably see similar results... along with a clearer head.

The newer formulas may offer a helpful solution, so take a close look and decide which one makes sense for your particular situation.

If you're looking to try any of the Dexatrim Weight Loss Products the entire line is available at good prices at Amazon so you can choose which one you would like to try.

Of course you should always follow a healthy diet and incorporate regular exercise to make sure you meet your weight loss goals...a high quality diet suppplement can help, but make sure you speak with your doctor first before beginning any supplementation to see if it's right for you.

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