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The Tisha Rodrigues diary
By Tisha Rodrigues

There is a new addition to the fitness roster, otherwise known as Ms. Bikini. This is a figure event that is geared more towards a pageant like contest. While the women are being judged on their physiques, the judges are also looking for overall beauty. This is where you must have applied the perfect coat of colour, well groomed nails, nice shoes, hair and definitely a suit that fits you well, colour and style. Most importantly what has your hard work in the gym done for you. This is the time to SHINE!

My first figure competition was the NABF, where I placed 3rd. My second was my best experience yet in the Ms. Bikini Atlantic show where I placed 10th, then it was off to Miami in Fitness America's Ms. Bikini Universe.  It all changes when you are not competing locally. The show is bigger, there are two times the competitors and even more pressure.  I stuck with the group of girls I had met in Connecticut while competing in Atlantic. The nicest group of women I have met competing, have come from Savage Choreography led by Cathy Savage. Cathy is an amazing women, leader and role model to many of the competitors out there. It's great to have support especially when you are away from home. We had a blast backstage as you can see from the photos and I also made many new friends as well.  I ended up coming in 31st, which is not bad when you have over 60 girls competing and every contest you do is another experience and another lesson learned.  All in all they kept us very busy with photo shoots and interviews, so there wasn't much time for fun but that is why you have to be extremely dedicated and love what you do, if this is something you would like to become involved with.  My husband comes with me everywhere I go. He is my best friend, my cheering section and my shoulder to cry on.

My most recent was ANBC where we had to actually do bodybuilding poses, which most of us Savage girls were very unfamiliar with, so you can come up with the visual image you like the best, of a bunch of Bikini gals doing the pose down.

My upcoming competition will be in Boston, for the Fitness New England's Ms. Bikini, I am working with Mia and Ritch Finnegan out of Rhode Island to get me in my best contest shape ever. There I hope to make my goal of placing in the top five, but if I don't, I still know I'll have a ball doing it and my time will come.

As for now, I have been trying to break into fitness modelling. I have appeared in HardcoreMuscle magazine's 15 min of Fame as well as a layout in their Sept/Oct issue, that I am very excited to see. I will also be featured in Oxygen magazine's Future Of Fitness. 

I would like to add that if you are someone out there that has always wanted to compete in fitness, figure or bodybuilding, go for it, there is no better time than the present. If you live in the gym like myself, why not take it all the way, you have nothing to lose, I know it can be very difficult, but when you really want something in life, don't let there be obstacles in your way, make your path and drive on through. I am married with three children and for the past 3yrs, I have been modelling, competing and going for my dreams in full force. Don't ever give yourself an excuse, it's all about what you want and you will never know until you try! Good luck, stay fit and God Bless.

By: Tisha Rodrigues






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