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The Karen-Lisa Borders diaries
By Karen-Lisa Borders

Fitness has always been apart of my life in some way, shape or form. At a young age I was thrust into every activity possible: ballet, jazz, basketball and volleyball. Throughout elementary school I was such an introvert that although my academic demeanor spoke louder than words, the only other way I found to express my shy self was to be physical. I began to dabble in cross-country running and then track and field. This was then extended into high school and university where I ran sprints for two years on the varsity track and field team who were CIAU champions 6 years running. With former Olympic coaches teaching me all the secrets to being a true tack athlete, I competed on a national team in Puerto Rico. Loving the sport, I continued to train seven days a week, but soon found the load to be too much with a major in Biological Sciences. I gave up the varsity team in order to concentrate more on school and soon found a silent pleasure in the local community gym where I started to notice a change in my already athletic physique. Now I was able to contour and shape my muscles all on my own. An art so empowering, I was hooked. I eventually became a certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer and this was just the beginning….

My first exposure to the Fitness industry was TSN Fitness America 2001. I was so intrigued by the beautiful physiques combined with physical strength and poise that I attended the Fitness Canada Pageant in 2001. After the show, I was filled with excitement and promised myself I would be upon that stage the following year. Days later, I found a choreographer Kaelah Scott, and began to work with her on my retired flexibility and strength moves. That same year in October, I entered the WNSO Winter Freeze Model Search where I wanted to put my physique to the test and see exactly how I felt on stage in front of a crowd. I placed 2nd overall out of 35 girls. Pleased with my performance, I continued to train hard only this time, I learned more about how dieting can alter your physique along with weight training. I then went on to compete in the Fitness Canada 2002 placing 15th overall, 3rd in the TSN series and 9 overall for physique…not bad for my first Fitness show! By this time I knew I wanted to push my body to the limits and continue to compete! Next I went on to win1st in the London Natural Fitness Championships 2002, FAME Canada 2003 2nd place (featured in Oxygen Magazine!), Molson Indy Fitness Model Search 4th place, and the Fitness Canada Pageant 2003 20th place overall. There is more to come - stay tuned and I will update you on the scenes backstage and what it takes to prepare YOU for you first competition!!






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