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The Emma Callaghan diaries

The Fitness Events Diaries (straight from the competitor),

Hello, my name is Emma Callaghan and I'm a Figure competitor living in Vancouver, Canada. I'm 29 years old and have been training for seven years. Originally the training was a technique offered to help me fight a seretonine imbalance in my body, I was diagnosed with bio-chemical depression in 1998. The doctors told me if I could find a way to boost my endorphins, I would be able to help my body (without 
medication) create additional seretonine. This is what I was out to achieve and now I'm a National competitor under the IFBB (International Federation of Body Building) in the Figure division.

Along with many other competitors in the industry, we have many many stories about the world of competition. I love the sport and have dedicated a majority of my life to the passion. My daily life consists of a seven day week like all the rest of the world however 2-3 hours of each day is spent at the local gym. I train with weights for approximately 1 hour every day followed by 45 minutes of a "easy-do-it" cardio. I'm also found at the local track practising sprint drills for about 1 hour everyday during competition season and every other day off season or in the stair well of a business building with 10 floors or more. I follow a religious diet which doesn't include a mouth watering pizza or a local bucket of fried chicken (unfortunately). My staple diet consists of boiled chicken, canned tuna, spinach, yams, egg whites, and rice cakes (plain). I drink an absurd amount of water and love Crystal Light!! Small portions every 2 -3 hours each day fuel my body enough to keep up with the training, I sleep at least 8 hours or more a day (this could include an afternoon nap!!).

I've competed in both Canada and the United States. Some of the shows were small and some of the shows had 64 other competitors..... You play the odds and train to look the best you can be. Go out on stage with a big smile and confidence and you are always rewarded!! Even though we train for months and months, show day comes and goes in the blink of an eye. So in addition to the stage time we are also happy to help anyone out there with the same ambitions and dedication as us..........  feel free to write me and ask me anything you need to know. (please mention the Fitness Events web site when you write so I know where your message has originated from!!)








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