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The Meagan Browne diaries
I was seriously bitten by the fitness competition bug in May 2003 after competing for the first time at WNSO's FAME in the Best Routines and the Fitness (modified: routine only) categories. Till this day, I can hardly believe I actually took part in this event! It was almost dream-like standing up on stage alongside people I had seen in fitness magazines - like Tina Rigdon - and all these super-cut muscle-gods and goddesses.

I had been working out and working in gyms on and off for about three years and pictures of fitness competitors have always been so very inspirational! For about a year I toyed with the idea of competing, read all about the big competitors in mags, watched competitions on TSN, and read everything the internet had to offer on the subject! One day I came across the WNSO website and read all about everything they do. Since I have been a professional dancer for about ten years (Bellydance and Latin), the best routines competition jumped out at me. I thought it would be a great way to get into the fitness scene using my dancing (and not doing a full-scale fitness competition my first time!) The Best Routines category was very open to almost anything entertaining, so I thought I would give myself a bit of a challenge and add some fitness routine components blended with my belly dancing choreography. I had my music mixed by Sylvia Tremblay, had my costume made by Marie Routier, and started working on my routine with Liz Curtis.

With no background in gymnastics, it was so hard learning to do one-armed push-ups, straddle presses, jumps, and cartwheels!!! Even though there was no physique element to the competition I was taking part in, I wanted to look the part and lose some of my pudge! I also needed to build up my upper body and core strength to execute these new strength moves for the routine. I hired a personal trainer who I had worked with years back at a gym.

About two weeks before the competition, I felt my routine was getting there, I had become a lot stronger, but my body was still not looking right at all... I knew immediately why... it was my diet for sure! Since I am hopeless at healthy cooking, my mom helped me out big-time and made me healthy meals everyday for the two weeks leading up to the event. It shocked me just how much diet has to do with how your body looks. I only wished I had started eating right earlier! At the last minute I had decided to also enter the fitness category, because it was modified and was only the fitness routine section and no physique judging. It was terrifying, exhilarating, and amazing all at the same time, and I knew I HAD to do it again!!! So, here I am, getting ready to compete in a full fitness competition (including the physique round - yikes!). I have exactly two months until I go to Halifax to compete in WNSO's Fitness Maritimes Pageant! 

So I'm on the path. My personal trainer has started me on a fresh, new, challenging plan that has me in the gym six days a week, this time I've handed my dieting dilemma over to the pros and am having Diet Delivery deliver me Zone-favourable meals five days a week, I've chosen the music I want to use for my routine - now I just have to have it mixed together. A zillion other things have to be done (bikini, routine costume, choreography for routine, etc. etc. etc.)... I'll update as days go by here on these pages!



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