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The Marta Mathews diaries

By Marta Mathews

October 28, 2003
I didn't have the energy to go to the gym yesterday, but as I still felt the need to do some low intensity cardio, I decided to go shopping in order to get my last dose of exercise before the contest. After four solid hours of moping around the malls I got just the exercise I needed. I especially enjoyed trying out those sexy outfits that would normally not fit me off season and more than anything I enjoyed feeding off of the comments I kept hearing from the sales girls on how fit they thought I looked and how every outfit seemed to bring out the best of my physical attributes. One woman even asked if she could touch my arm to see how dense it was....

I like keeping myself busy with small projects during my last week of preparations as they help to take my mind off of thinking about the contest and more than anything they help to put breaks on my constant fantasizing about food. Speaking of food, my diet this week could not possibly be more boring. All my meals yesterday and today consist exclusively of boiled chicken and limited amounts of flax oil. I will continue with the same menu tomorrow as well. On Thursday, I'm going to start adding some carbohydrates to my meals in order to replenish lost glycogen and help my muscles come out looking sharp and full. I fact, I will even have some basic sugars on Thursday evening and throughout the day on Friday in order to get the most out of my muscles. At the moment, my carbohydrate intake is limited to a couple of sweeteners per day, which I use in my tea or black coffee. I'm continuing to take my vitamins in the morning, throughout the day, and in the evening otherwise my immune system would most definitely react with a flu. I want to look lively and vibrant when I enter the stage on Friday and I'm counting on the vitamins to help me reach that state.

I'm also drinking plenty of water this week, but I have switched to sodium free distilled kind. I will cut out water completely on Friday and won't drink any until the evening contest is over. I am a little disappointed in the fact that the Man Show event is spread out over a period of two days as I can only maintain that chiselled look for one of the days only. I have decided to look my best for the bikini round on Friday. I will still look great on Saturday for the sportswear and the eveningwear rounds, but there is no way I could live without water for two straight days in the row. Having said that, I will probably look a tiny bit fuller on Saturday - but so will my competitors which means I won't be the only one to loose a bit of a competitive "edge". 

October 30, 2003
I have not been doing any exercise this week in order to help my muscles "pop" out for the show and as much as my body welcomes this break, I can't help feeling like I'm completely out of my element... I've still been waking up at 5:30 in the morning every day this week and it was not by choice but rather by habit. My body is programmed to workout every morning and it does not care about the extra two hours of sleep it's been presented with this week. 

This afternoon I went to a tanning salon to get my airbrush tanning done. It was quite an ego bust watching the esthetician who was airbrushing me stare at my sculpted body in awe and at the same time apologizing for doing so. After reassuring her that I took no offence and I that did not feel she was being unprofessional I looked at my newly bronzed physique and all of the sudden it dawned on me that I have actually achieved everything I planned to achieve by this day in my training history. I was looking at the body I wanted to have for the Man Show and the sense of satisfaction for accomplishing my personal goal was worth every drop of sweat and every bite of chicken that my body endured over the last twelve weeks. In less than twenty-four hours from now I will be showcasing my hard work as I enter the stage and face the judges. Will my look capture their eye and their attention? I don't know, but as always I am determined to try my best.

October 31, 2003
It is now 4:00 p.m. and in less than three hours I will be standing on the stage finally wearing my sparkling red bikini. My colleagues kicked me out of work at noon today so that I could get my last minute preparations out of the way. I am now in full make-up, my hair is all done up, my bag is packed and I am ready to go. I am anxiously awaiting to meet my fellow contestants and to get the show started....

November 1st, 2003
I'm not quite sure where or how to begin this entry. It is already long past midnight and I'm still up keeping company and staring at a second place trophy that I brought home tonight following the Man Show competition. For the first time in my life I don't resent my body for submitting itself into insomnia as I'm actually enjoying reminiscing about the events of the last thirty six hours. This competition was a joyride from the beginning to the very end. As I mentally visualize all of the incredibly fit women that gave me a run for my placing, I can't help feeling completely overwhelmed by my personal achievement. For the last twelve weeks I've been religiously following the famous WNSO slogan EAT, SLEEP, TRAIN, REPEAT and it paid off in a way I didn't even dare to imagine. I just wish they put that slogan on their funky tank tops earlier, because before the Molson Indy (that's when I first saw the slogan) I've obviously been eating too much, sleeping too little, training hard but obviously not repeating enough.... Having said that, I now declare this WNSO slogan to be my credo for all my future fitness endeavours. Staring at my trophy confirms I'm making a good decision.


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