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Marta talks about her first competitions

By Marta Mathews

After feeling completely overwhelmed following my 2002 Fitness Model Search competition I had decided competing was not my thing after all. I tried really hard to get ready for that event, but as soon as I entered competitor changing area and discretely checked out some of my fellow contestants, I began realizing I did not try nearly as hard as they did! I needed to have been a lot stricter with my diet and training if I wanted to come in the top ten. That just seemed like too much effort and I felt I did not posses the kind of discipline needed to make this happen.... Until I went to see FAME 2003.... Looking at over one hundred fit competitors up on that stage made my heart beat faster than a race... When the Head Judge Daryl Gazey began announcing the top five winners, subconsciously I was waiting for him to call out my name – that’s when I knew my ticker was in some serious trouble! Naturally, they were not picking out any winners from the massive group of spectators such as myself, so in order to get a shot at hearing my name being called out I needed to compete! That’s when I decided to try my luck at the upcoming Molson Indy.

Serious training has been a part of my daily routine for years now. The one thing that needed most improvement was my diet. With only ten weeks to work with, I needed to make some serious changes right away! I began my dieting by consuming less calories while keeping my nutritional intake at forty percent protein, forty percent carbohydrates, and twenty percent fat. I weighed one hundred and thirty-five pounds and I decided to loose the extra body fat by consuming ten times the amount of calories a day - that is about 1350 calories per day. Within three weeks I had lost five pounds! I was very close to reaching my goal of one hundred and twenty-five pounds for the contest... I felt very hungry at times, but darn it, I was going to be stubborn and just stick with the program for the next eight weeks! Coincidentally, I began having sleeping problems around that time - but I just figured it was one of my regular insomnia periods, which I have been experiencing all my life.... Little did I know that I was seriously under eating while continuing training as hard as I always did! The stress hormone was not only keeping me up at night, but also halting my muscle building and fat loss attempts. 

After consulting a professional and investing some hard cold cash into a timed sixty minute lesson on proper nutrition, I had increased my caloric intake to reflect my actual nutritional needs and rearranged my diet regimen around my workout schedule. My new diet called for nearly double the amount of food I was taking in at the time! Naturally, I was extremely sceptical about adopting this new program with only six weeks left to my competition. But the "Wiseman" prophecy predicting amazing results as long as I follow his $150 worth of advice was turning out to be true! I could not believe my eyes! I began looking and feeling tighter almost instantaneously, the hunger pains were history, and most of all I slept like a baby for the remaining six weeks leading up to the event! 

The day of the competition came faster than I expected. I felt very confident as I was changing into my bikini before stepping out to face the judges. I had some very tough competition, but something was telling me I had a realistic shot at the top ten this time. And my gut feeling was right! I placed seventh! I reached my goal and I could not have been more proud of myself! All my hard core training and strict adherence to my diet paid off big time and I knew that I had given my competitors a pretty good run for their top placings! There is nothing stopping me now from trying to do it all over again in the upcoming Man Show event! 


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